Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 24 - Jay Jones - 20 Common Characterisitics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs are not lucky, they all posses certain characteristics that make them successful. Join us as Jay Jones discusses the 20 common characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. Find out if you have the traits to be successful.

Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 23 - Nancy Twine - From Wall Street to Starting A Natural Hair Care Brand

Nancy Twine was a successful Wall Street Executive for seven years when she decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge into the fierce waters of the hair care industry. Listen as Nancy tells us how she took a homemade formula and turned it into a hair care brand that is now sold in Sephora, Urban Outfitters, and other national locations. Join us as Nancy takes us on her entrepreneurial journey of

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 22 - Robin Wilson - From $1.23 To A Multimillion Dollar Interior Design Firm

Robin Wilson is an eco-friendly interior designer and a lifestyle brand with products sold in Bed Bath & Beyond; and is the first women with a branded line of custom kitchen & bath cabinetry sold by over 400 dealers nationwide. Join us as Robin takes us on her entrepreneurial journey and tells us how she was left with $1.23 cents in her bank account and how she overcame it and built a multimillion dollar business.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 21 - Jay Jones - 32 Businesses You Can Start Today With Little or No Money

Today at the request of his audience, Jay Jones gives you 32 businesses you can start today with little or no money. Today Jay talks about starting low cost, high profit potential businesses like carpet cleaning, media consulting, selling products on Amazon and Ebay, and even gun flipping; yes gun flipping. If you are looking to expand your current business or want ideas for a new business, this episode is for you.

Black Entrepreneur Blueprint:20 - Jay Jones - Ferguson Missouri, Perception, and Action - The Importance of Black Economics In Our Community

With the recent unrest in Ferguson, Missouri the importance of perception is critical to not just Black social issues, but also Black economic issues. Jay Jones speaks on perception and action and how each of us can help change our community by helping to build a strong economic base. Also learn the 10 Steps to Creating Your Action Plan for Business and Life.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 19 - Ahmad Islam - How to Build A World Class Marketing Agency

Brother Ahmad Islam is the founder of a world class marketing agency; Common Ground Marketing Agency has a top client list consisting of Nike, Sprite, and Coca Cola just to name a few. Join ud for Ahmad's personal and exciting entrepreneurial journey.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 18 - Tee Alford - Funky People LLC - How to Leverage Your Network and Build An Online Social Entertainment Company

Tee Alford built Funky People LLC from the ground up one happy customer at a time. Funky People LLC is a multidimensional company that specializes in online consulting resources for entrepreneurs, independent artists, as well as entertainment travel. Join us as Tee Alford takes us on his entrepreneurial journey from being a DJ and transforming his love of music and entertainment into a thriving business that includes and

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 17 - Jay Jones - From Employee to Entrepreneur

Join us as Black Entrepreneur Blueprint founder and host Jay Jones speaks about transitioning from employee to entrepreneur. Jay will share the 10 Questions that You Must Know the Answer to Before You Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur. Discover if you are built to be an entrepreneur, what type of business should you venture into, what are the key components you must have in place to start your business, what is your exit strategy, and more.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 16 - Kevin Johnson - From Dorm Room to Multimillion Dollar Media Mogul

Kevin Johnson is the owner of Johnson Media; a full service media company with international clients such as Cadillac, Bank of America, McDonalds, and Coca Cola to name a few. Join us as Kevin takes us on his entrepreneurial journey from his meager beginnings in his dorm room to now owning a multimillion dollar media company. Interestingly enough, Kevin stumbled on the media business by chance as he worked on building a website for several Historically Black Colleges.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 15 - Thane Martin - CPA to the Stars

Thane C. Martin is a Certified Public Accountant licensed in Pennsylvania and Maryland. As CEO of Thane C. Martin, CPA; The Financial Consulting Firm, Inc; Thane shares his journey from his basement office to his current practice that includes numerous clients including professional athletes, world renowned entertainers, and numerous small business owners, executives, and organizations.

Thane graduated from Morgan State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and is also certified as a Specialist in resolving Tax Controversies (STC).



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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 14 - Jay Jones - 12 Keys to Building A Successful Business

Join us as Black Entrepreneur Blueprint host Jay Jones gives you the 12 Keys to Building A Successful Business. Jay expounds on key areas that will help you launch, build, and grow a successful business. Jay will delve into topics such as the power of positioning, the 5 M's of marketing, the importance of understanding the critical numbers of your business, and more. Jay will also answer some listner questions and offer his sound advice.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 13 - Ron Busby - The Secrets to Building Successful Businesses

Mr. Ron Busby owned and sold several multimillion dollar commercial cleaning businesses, and at one time he owned the nation's largest Black owned commercial cleaning business. Join us as Mr. Busby shares his knowledge and expertise as he has explains the strategies and systems he used to build his business from a small local company to a national powerhouse.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 12 - Rev. Peter Tabron - The Importance of Faith for An Entrepreneur

Reverend Peter Tabron is not just a Reverend, he is a successful entrepreneur. Petron Associates is one of the most successful Black owned commercial collection firms in the Northeast. Reverend Taybron discusses his entrepreneurial journey and the importance that faith has played in his success. Join us as he shares his keys to building a successful business while practicing his faith-based principles.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 11 - Dr. Dennis Kimbro - The Power of Perseverance

Dr. Dennis Kimbro discusses the power of perseverance and his personal entrepreneurial journey including his trials and tribulations on his way to success. Dr. Kimbro is a world renowned author, scholar, educator and speaker. He is the author of the million selling book titled "Think and Grow Rich - A Black Choice". Dr. Kimbro has taken his Black wealth doctorine throughout the world. His latest book is titled "The Wealth Choice - Success Secrets of Black Millionairess. Join us on this fascinating and educating interview with one of the greatest Black authors of the last 100 years.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 10 - Lauren Brewton - Passion To Profit

Lauren Brewton is an amazing entrepreneur who took her passion for planning and organization and turned it into not one, but two successful businesses. Events With Grace is a premiere wedding and event planning organization that specializes in high-end weddings and events; and she is also the founder of Lauren Lei Lifestyles; a lifestyle management company. Ms. Brewton's clientele include many wealthy entertainers, business persons, and athletes. Join us as Ms. Brewton takes us on her entrepreneurial journey starting with only a vision and her faith.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 09 Leonard W. Stewart Esquire - The Power of Positioning

Leonard W. Stewart Esquire, is a successful entrepreneur and lawyer. His law practice specializes in helping small to medium size businesses in areas such as formation, litigation, negotiation, compliance, trademark and patent submissions, real estate and more. Join us today as Mr. Stewart shares with us his entrepreneurial journey and the power of positioning yourself and your business for success.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 08 - Brenda Braxton - Broadway Legend & Entrepreneur

Brenda Braxton is a Broadway legend, Tony Award nominated actress, and entrepreneur. Ms. Braxton has starred on Broadway since 1976 performing in such notable shows as Chicago, Smokey Joe's Cafe, Guys and Dolls, and Jelly's Last Jam with Gregory Hines and Savion Glover. After Broadway, Ms. Braxton launched a gentleman only parlor in Harlem, NY named "BBraxton - Exceptional Grooming for Exceptional Men". After having to close BBraxton; Ms. Braxton is now in the process of reinventing herself and her brand. Join us as Ms. Braxton shares her entrepreneurial journey and plans her big comeback.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 07 - Diane Da Costa

Diane Da Costa is a celebrity hair designer to the stars and considered an expert in the multi-textured natural hair movement. She has worked with stars such as Lauren Hill, Lennox Lewis, Lenny Kravitz, Dee Dee Bridgewater and many more. She has been featured in Essence, Ebony, New York Times, The Source and other international publications. Diane is also the founder of Simplee Beautiful Salon and Boutique in Westchester, NY and the founder of Beautiful Fund, LLC. Join us as we discuss Ms. Da Costa's entrepreneurial journey.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 06 - Kevin Clifton & Robert Jones

Robert Jones and Kevin Clifton are the founders of Zoom Auto Spa. A mobile detailing business that gives your automobile that showroom shine. Join us as Kevin and Robert discuss their entrepreneurial journey. We discuss topics such as marketing, hiring good employees, and more. A fascinating interview that dives into the minds of two successful Black entrepreneurs.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 05 - Dr. Joel Martin

Dr. Joel Martin is a recognized international master trainer, keynote speaker, and executive coach specializing in diversity, inclusion, and transformational leadership development. Dr. Martin is the founder of the Positively Powerful Woman Awards and the author of several books including "How to Be A Positively Powerful Person". Dr. Martin has appeared on the NBC Today Show, NY Times, Essence Magazine, Black Enterprise and Fortune magazines to name a few. Dr. Martin discusses her entrepreneurial journey and how personal transformation can improve your business.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint : 04 - Ahmad Islam

Mr. Ahmad Islam is the co-founder and Managing Partner of the full service marketing agency Commonground with over 150 employees with locations in New York City and Chicago. Commonground focusses on marketing to multicultural audiences which include the Black and Latino sector. Mr. Islam has used his experience to garner large clients such as Coca Cola, Nike, Sprite, Nissan and others. Mr. Islam takes us on his personal entrepreneurial journey and discusses the strategies and techniques he has used to become successful and thrive in the tough advertising landscape.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint : 03 - Ron Busby - U. S. Black Chamber

Mr. Ron Busby is a former ultra successful entrepreneur who transformed his business USA Superclean, from $150,000 in annual revenues to over $15 million in annual revenue in only ten years. Mr. Busby also started and grew two other janitorial firms to over $4 million in revenue. Mr. Busby is currently the President and CEO of U. S. Black Chambers, Inc. which is an advocate for Black businesses. Join us on Mr. Busby's extraordinary entrepreneurial journey and listen as he explains the purpose of the U. S. Black Chamber.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint : 02 - George Fraser of

George C. Fraser is Chairman and CEO of Frasernet, Inc. A company he founded some 25 years ago with the vision to lead a global networking movement that brings together diverse human resources to increase opportunities for people of African descent. He is considered by many to be a new voice for African-Americans and one of the foremost authorities on economic development, networking, and building effective relationships. In this episode, Mr. Fraser discusses his entrepreneurial journey and educates us about the power of Black economics.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint : 01 - Dr. Dennis Kimbro

Dr. Dennis Kimbro is a world renowned author, speaker, and educator. He is the author of the best selling book titled "Think and Grow Rich - A Black Choice". Dr. Kimbro has taken his Black welath doctorine throughout the entire world. His newest book is titled "The Wealth Choice - Success Secrets of Black Millionaires". In this episode Dr. Kimbro discusses his entrepreneurial journey and gives you the keys to entrepreneurial success and the importance of Black business ownership.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint : 00 - Jay Jones - Black Entrepreneur Blueprint

Black Entrepreneur Blueprint was created to help educate and inspire Black entrepreneurs to Launch, Build, and Grow successful businesses.

Black Entrepreneur Blueprint welcomes the founder of the show Mr. Jay Jones. Today's episode will discuss what to expect from each upcoming episode of Black Entrepreneur Blueprint.


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