"How To Start A Profitable Local Newspaper Or Magazine"

Contrary to popular belief, print is NOT dead. Just take a look at the free publication racks in your local supermarkets and convenience stores for proof. Join Jay as he teaches you how to create your own local newspaper or magazine for crazy profit. Start your own media empire today.

"Trust Your Struggle - My Story And 6 Things I Learned From My Struggles"

We all have personal and business struggles that we have to deal with. Join Jay as he shares his stories of struggle and 6 things he learned from those experiences. This is a very personal and in-depth episode you don't want to miss. A must listen.

"Anatomy Of My Latest Product Test - How I Spent $202.16 To Make $761.40 Without Buying The Product"

Do you have an idea for a new product you want to sell online? Join Jay as he takes you step by step through his latest product test where his Return On Investment is 376% without purchasing the product. A must listen.

"5 Simple Steps To Positioning Yourself, Your Product, And Or Your Services For Success"

The only way to be successful in business is to position yourself and your products or services for success. Join Jay as he details the five steps needed to insure your success. A must listen.