Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 120 - Dre "All Day" Baldwin - 3 Keys To Success Mental Toughness Confidence & Discipline

"3 Keys To Success: Mental Toughness, Confidence & Discipline"

Dre "All Day" Baldwin started playing basketball at age 14; did not make his high school team until he was a senior, played sparingly and only scored 15 points in his career. Learn how Dre went from being cut from his high school team to playing at a D3 college, to a nine year pro career overseas. Join us as Dre takes us on his entrepreneurial journey as he uses his experience on the basketball court and transforms that into becoming a Youtube sensation,  an author, speaker, and coach. This is a must listen.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 119 - Jay Jones - Black Wealth: 3 Simple Steps To Build It

"Black Wealth - 3 Simple Steps To Build It

After a recent article about Black wealth hardly existing; Jay felt it necessary to give you three simple steps to build wealth. Now the steps are simple, but the implementation is what is holding most of us back. Join us as Jay breaks down these three steps in detail and gives us foundational principles to build wealth. A must listen.

Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 118 - Jay Jones - Webinar Replay No BS 100 Days To Freedom

"Webinar Replay - No BS 100 Days To Freedom"

If you are interested in in starting your own online business based around one of your passions; don't miss the audio replay of the No BS 100 Days To Freedom webinar. Jay goes in depth about the strategies and formulas every day people like us use to profit from their passion online while still keeping their current job. If you have ever wanted a flexible business with multiple income streams built on your own platform, you must listen to this episode.

Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 117 - Jay Jones - No BS 100 Days To Freedom: How To Profit Online From Your Passion And Replace Your Income In 100 Days

"No BS 100 Days To Freedom - How To Profit From Your Passion And Replace Your Income In 100 Days"

Are you searching for a better lifestyle or more money? Are you working at a job you can't stand? Are you missing your true calling? If you answered yes to any of these questions, join me on my new webinar at If you want to create a real, long-term business with multiple income streams, you don't want to miss this episode. If you can invest 5 to 10 hours a week after your business is set up, you can be successful. This is no get rich quick scheme, and it requires work; but the work is based around your passion. Tired of all the silly business opportunities, then create an online business around what you have a passion for? This is a must listen.


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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint 116 - Jay Jones - 8 Lessons I learned From A Recently Failed Business

"8 Lessons I Learned From A Recently Failed Busines"

We never enter into a business with the idea that it is going to fail, but many times failure is part of the process to reach success. Join us as Jay takes you through a case study of one of his business failures. Jay will discuss what he learned and what not to do the next time. A must listen for any entrepreneur!

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