"Top Business Ideas For 2019 - How To Get Organic Traffic With "How To" Domains"

Join Jay as he gives you a double episode where he discusses three of his top business ideas for 2019 and how you can get organic traffic to your website with "How To"domains.

"How To Make Money In Ecommerce In 2019"

With the ever-changing ecommerce landscape, it's imperative to have a blueprint for success. Join Jay as he discusses the two ways to make money in Ecommerce in 2019. Also watch the video tutorial of Jay's winning sales funnel broken down at


"$49,056 In Ecommerce Sales From Thanksgiving To Christmas From Physical Products - 5 Must Haves"

If you are interested in ecommerce as a part-time or full-time business, please join Jay as he discusses the 5 "must haves" to be successful in selling physical or digital products online. A must listen.

"The Emancipation Blueprint - Create Your Customized Emancipation Blueprint and Build Your Ideal Business"

Are you trying to find the right business to start? Are you unhappy in your current business? The reason may be because you have not built your based on your skill set, talents, and passions. Join Jay as he discusses building your business from within.