To Be Or Not To Be A Black Owned Business; That Is The Question"

Should you market your business as a Black-owned business or keep the ownership anonymous? Join Jay as he discusses some of the pros and cons and gives 5 tips to keep your business ownership anonymous.

"How To Prevent Other People From Determining Your Worth - 17 Things You Can Do"

Have you ever felt that you are not earning what you're worth? Do you feel that you are underpaid? Join Jay as he discusses 17 things you can do to prevent people from determining your worth.

"BEB Genius Workshop"

Join Jay as he outlines the BEB Genius Workshop beta test. Your "genius" is the intersection of your passion(s) and talent(s). In this live 4-week videoconference workshop you will identify your genius, create a platform for your genius, and be ready to market your genius. Only 10 spots available.

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"Working In A Factory For $8 An Hour To Becoming A Successful Speaker"

Onae Chatman had a master's degree and found himself working in a factory for $8 per hour until he decided to transform his life. Join us as Onae takes us on his amazing entrepreneur journey.

"Live Call-In Show With Thane Martin"

"How The New Tax Laws Affect Entrepreneurs & Other Entrepreneurial Questions Answered"

Join Jay as he plays the audio from the first LIVE BEB call-in show as he interviews CPA Thane Martin about the new tax laws and how they affect entrepreneurs. Jay and Thane answer questions from the BEB Family about entrepreneurship and taxes. A must listen.