"Pacified By A Paycheck - 5 Steps To Overcoming Your Fears"

Join Jay as he delves into the fears that keep us pacified by a paycheck and gives us 5 steps to overcome that fear and become the writer, director, and star of your entrepreneurial journey.


"How To Sell Your Product Or Service Online Using A Counterintuitive Tactic - 5 Steps"

Join Jay as he gives you a new tactic he used to increase sales on one of his ecommerce products and how you can do the same.


"From Food Stamps To Financial Literacy"

Join us as Jay interviews Financial Adviser Charles “Tank” Harris as he takes us on his amazing entrepreneurial journey. Charles started from meager beginnings to managing the finances of athletes and entertainers and transitioning into working with entrepreneurs and everyday folk. A must listen. 

"4 Low-Cost Big Money Businesses You Can Start Even If You Are Unemployable Or Underemployed"

There are certain circumstances in our lives that may make it very hard for us to find financially rewarding and satisfying work. If you are a felon, a lifetime entrepreneur, or just lack marketable skills you may be considered unemployable. If you have the skills and ambition to earn higher wages than you currently earn, then you are underemployed. Join Jay as he gives you 4 big money businesses that you can start for a relatively low-cost.