Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 85 - DeShuna Spencer - Building Kweli.TV From Concept To Reality

"Building Kweli.TV From Concept To Reality"

Several years ago DeShuna Spencer had the concept of creating a live streaming television network similar to Netflix for the Black community. Kweli.TV would have shows produced, written, and starring Black actors that would show us in a positive image. Join us as DeShuna takes us on her entrepreneurial journey building a new streaming network for the Black community.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 84 - Tristan Walker - Top 10 Rules For Success

"Top 10 Rules For Success"

Tristan Walker is the founder of Walker & Company which produces a shaving system for men of color. Tristan was raised in the projects of Queens, NY and later attended a boarding school in Connecticut that showed him how the other half lived. Tristan went on to get his MBA from Stanford and worked on Wall street and at a venture capital firm before starting his company and raising 24 million dollars. Join Tristan as he discusses his top 10 rules for Success. A must listen for all entrepreneurs.

Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 83 - Jay Jones - The Importance Of Controlling A Vertical

"The Importance Of Controlling A Vertical"

Selling products or services is all fine and dandy, but to control your own vertical puts you at another level of the game. Learn why controlling your own vertical will help you build a stronger company and also give you cost control, more control, and competitive advantages. A must listen for serious entrepreneurs.

Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 82 - Jay Jones - Building A Legacy: Hustling For Your Last Name

"Building A Legacy: Hustling For Your Last Name"

Jay gets right to the point by explaining the importance of building a legacy through entrepreneurship not just for you; but for our community. Learn why entrepreneurship is so important for our community, What you can do to help, and 11 concepts to teach your children to become entrepreneurs.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 81 - Jay Jones - How To Create A Blueprint For Entrepreneurship

"How To Create A Blueprint For Entrepreneurship"

Today Jay gets the script flipped on him as he is interviewed on a show called "Mama's Confidence but Dad's Invited". Listen in as Jay is interviewed by Ms. Jessica Walker about how to lay down a successful blueprint for entrepreneurship. Great interview with a lot of key concepts and takeaways. This is a must listen.

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