"11 Questions For Jay Jones"

Join Jay as he answers 11 questions from BEB Family members and breaks down entrepreneurship and economic development in the Black community.

"Prioritize, Produce, Or Perish - Why Other Ethnicities Can Always Count On Black People"

Join Jay as he discusses why the Black community needs to prioritize economic education, self-love, and entrepreneurship or continue to be in economic disarray. Jay is joined in the discussion by his daughter Taylor.

"Where There's Traffic There's Money - Keys To Getting Organic Traffic"  

As entrepreneurs, we understand that the more traffic we get the better. No traffic, no sales, no business. Join Jay as he gives you four keys to getting organic traffic.

"Commentary On Byron Allen's Recent Interview On The Breakfast Club"

Byron Allen is one of the most successful media moguls that most people have never heard of. Join Jay as he gives commentary on Byron Allen's recent interview on the Breakfast Club as he discusses his amazing entrepreneurial journey and his quest to achieve economic inclusion. A must listen.