"12 Rules For Success In Business"

Join Jay as he shares with you his 12 rules for success in business and why they are so important. This is a must listen for all entrepreneurs and prospective entrepreneurs.

"How I Made $7,500 In 12 Days - The Anatomy Of A Real Estate Wholesaling Deal"

Join Jay as he takes you through his last real estate wholesaling deal where he profited $7,500 in 12 days. Jay discusses the pros and cons of wholesaling and how you can profit also. A must listen if you are interested in wholesaling.

"Ways To Generate Revenue From What You Know"

Nicole Roberts Jones did not let her surroundings stop her from finding her purpose in life. Join us as Nicole takes us on her journey from from South Central Los Angeles to becoming an author, speaker, coach, and successful entrepreneur. A must listen.

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"Jay Gets Interviewed About Entrepreneurship, Economics, & Politics"

Listen as Jay is interviewed on the "No Cupcake Zone" podcast by Mr. Johnson Marce; aka Triple Black. Jay shares his thoughts and experiences on entrepreneurship, Black Economics, and politics as Johnson digs deep and asks great thought provoking questions. A must listen.

"Stepping Over Dollars To Pick Up Dimes"

Many times we undervalue our own talents and skills to the point where we believe the only way we can make money is by getting a paycheck from somebody else. Join Jay as he discusses how to start picking up those dollars instead of dimes; by using the same talents that somebody else is paying you for and creating your own business.