"Live Call-In Show With Thane Martin - How The New Tax Laws Affect Entrepreneurs And Other Entrepreneurial Questions Answered"

Join Jay as he plays the audio from the first LIVE BEB Call-in show as he interviews Thane Martin about the new tax laws and how they affect entrepreneurs. Jay and Thane answer questions from the BEB Family about taxes and other entrepreneurial questions. A must listen.


"Making Money Creating Business Opportunity Programs - 7 Steps"

Join Jay as he shows you the steps needed to create your own business opportunity program that you can sell to others and make money. A must listen.

"Transitioning From Being Laid Off To Creating A Business That Gives Him Life"

Join us as Mike Dorsey, the founder of Black Fathers Now podcast discusses his transition from being laid off from his job to creating a business that utilizes his gifts and gives him life.

"Control Is The Key To Your Success"

Join Jay as he discusses 8 things that you need to control in your life and your business to help you live the life you dreamed of. A must listen.