"Signing The Front And The Back Of Your Paycheck - 7 Ways To Become Self Sufficient And Not Depend On Anyone Else To Make A Living"

Join Jay as he dives into 7 ways to become self-sufficient and not depend on anyone else for a living. In the recent aftermath of the Stevie Harvey interview with Monique, we see what having to answer to a boss can make you do and say. Damn Steve!

"Selling Licensed Products For Fun And Profit"

Join Jay as he discusses a lucrative industry that not many Black entrepreneurs or Black companies take advantage of. Learn the pros and cons of entering the licensed products industry.

"Here's What They Really Think About You - Why Other Ethnicities Think We Are A Joke In Business And In General"

Join Jay as he tackles the serious issue of what other ethnicities think about the Black community. Jay also gives you five ways to combat that opinion and empower the community. A must listen.


"The 3 Biggest Reasons Your Business Is Not Getting Enough Sales"

Join Jay as he discusses the 3 biggest reasons businesses are not getting the sales they need to be successful. A must listen.