"How To Easily Start A Business While You Have A Job - The Art Of Leverage"

Do you want to start a business but you think you don't have the time or the expertise? How would you like to leverage your job to help you start your own business. Join Jay as he gives you the keys to using your job to help build your own business. A must listen!

"The Anatomy Of Testing A Product Without Going Broke - 2 Case Studies"

Join Jay as he breaks down how to test product ideas without losing your shirt and having products piled up in your garage. Learn exactly how Jay tests ideas and how he found a winner with one products, and avoided taking a loss with the other product. A must listen.


"Jay Gets Interviewed On His Own Show"

Join Jay as he is interviewed by Mr. Jarmar Dupas of the podcast Get Your Money Right Jarmar gets deep and asks many pertinent questions about entrepreneurship and money. Don't miss this very informative interview with Jay. A must listen.

"The Effects Of Politics, Media, And Entrepreneurship As It Pertains To The Black Community"

Join Jay as he goes in depth with Dr. Wilmer Leon about the effects that politics, media, and entrepreneurship have in the Black Community. This is a must listen!