"How To Create A Minimum Viable Product And Get Proof Of Concept Without Spending A Lot Of Money"

Have you ever been uncertain that your new product or service will not be successful? Join Jay as he gives you the 6 steps to help you get proof of concept without spending a lot of money.

"Black To The Future - Building Wealth For The Future From Lessons Of The Past

Building wealth is paramount for any community to thrive. Join Jay as he discusses what we can learn from our rich past to help build wealth in the future by going Black to the future. 

"How To Buy Franchises To Build Generational Wealth"

Have you ever thought about buying a franchise? If so, make sure you tune in to this episode where I talk to the mother and daughter team of Toya Evans, Lauren Williamson, and Chanel Grant from TLC Hospitality and Healthy Living Ventures as they look to use franchises to build generational wealth. For more information on buying a franchise, go to

"No Justice No Peace - Black Power Versus White Supremacy - George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery"

"If you didn't know it, we are in a war, and white supremacy and racism is our enemy - Jay Jones." Join Jay on today's show as he discusses ways to combat white supremacy and racism, and build up the Black community by focusing on three specific areas of concentration. A must listen.


"Starting His Clothing Line With Now Experience To Successful Designer"

Paul Aarrington has clothed some of the most famous people in the entertainment industry including Will Smith, Ving Rhames (in the movie "The Bridge to Nowhere"), and toured with Russell Simmons Def Comedy Jam and clothed many of the stand-up comedians.

Paul began his fashion career because a coworker jokingly said that his name sounds like a menswear line. Join Jay as he speaks with Paul Aarrington, founder of Paul Aarrington Denim Studio as they discuss his amazing entrepreneurial journey as a top fashion designer and how that joke changed the course of his life. Visit: