"The Importance Of Vertical Integration - Own The Production, Own The Distribution, Own The Customer, Or Die"

Join Jay as he gives you a real-life example of why a profitable Black-owned business went out of business because there was no vertical integration. The strategy of vertical integration is necessary for Black businesses not only to thrive but survive. A must listen.

"The Money Is In The List - Case Study"

Join Jay on this critical episode as he discusses the number one reason businesses fail. The difference between your company going out of business and being a seven-figure business is the list. Go to for a free list-building checklist.

"From Door-To-Door Sales To Building A 7 Figure Brand - Talley And Twine"

Join Jay as he speaks with Talley & Twine founder Randy Williams as he takes us on his entrepreneurial journey from door-to-door sales to building a 7 figure brand.


"From Almost Being Fired To A Multimillion-Dollar Natural Haircare Company"

Join Jay as he interviews the founder of Curls, Ms. Mahisha Dellinger. Mahisha takes us on her amazing entrepreneurial journey which includes almost being fired from her job to starring in a TV show on the Oprah Winfrey network, to building a multimillion-dollar natural haircare brand. 

"How To Get Paid To Market Your Product Or Service Using The "Piggyback" Strategy"

Join Jay as he teaches you a game-changing concept to get paid to market your product or service by using the "piggyback" strategy.