"How To Make More Money In Your Business - Product, Perception, Pricing, And Profit"


As an entrepreneur, your objective is to make as much money as you can with the highest profit margins possible. On today’s show, Jay discusses the “4 P’s” to help you make more money by taking a deeper look at 4 key components that can give your business an influx of profits. Visit:


"Building Assets To Create Passive Income"

Join Jay on today's show as he focuses on building digital assets to create passive income. Jay also discusses his "Freedom Equation" which is cash flow plus passive income = freedom. Visit


"Killer Mike - Black Entrepreneurship Activism And Greenwood Bank"

Join Jay as he talks with successful rapper, songwriter, actor, activist, and entrepreneur Michael Render - aka Killer Mike.

On today’s Black Entrepreneur Blueprint podcast # 339, Killer Mike lets us take a peek behind the curtain as he discusses his upbringing, his marriage, and how he got started in activism and entrepreneurship.  Open an account at Greenwood Bank at

"Build Your Platform Or Perish - The easiest Way To Build Your Million Dollar Platform"

Join Jay on the first episode of 2021 as he discusses the most important aspect of building a successful, sustainable business - and how a digital newsletter can change your life. To learn more about the live training go to