"A New Black Wall Street In 3D - 7 Steps To Weaponize Our Black Dollars"

Join Jay as he discusses the importance of creating "A New Black Wall Street" and how to weaponize our Black dollars to create a new worldwide Black economy. A must listen.

"5 Simple Steps For Positioning Yourself, Your Product, And Or Your Services For Success"

The only way to be successful in business is to position yourself and your products or services for success. Join Jay as he details the 5 steps needed to ensure your success. A must listen.

"Turning A Bum Into A Superhero - 10 Steps To Supporting Your Spouse-Partners Entrepreneurial Dreams"

If you have a spouse or a partner and you are an entrepreneur, you need to both listen to this episode together. Join Jay as he discusses 10 ways the support of a spouse or partner can turn an ordinary person into a superhero entrepreneur. A must listen.

"Pinpoint And Monetize Your Genius - 7 Steps"

Your genius is the intersection of your passion and your talent. Unfortunately, many people don't know what their genius is, or how to find it. Join Jay as he gives you 7 steps to pinpoint and monetize your genius. A must listen.