"Faith & Focus"

Chris Johnson is the founder of The Johnson Group and the Rapid Ramen Cooker. Join us as Chris discusses his meteoric rise as an entrepreneur and his stint on Shark Tank. Chris takes us through his entrepreneurial ups and downs and how faith and focus have made him successful. A must listen!

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"The 4 Step Facebook Ad Strategy That Is Guaranteed To Work"

If you have been struggling with your Facebook ad campaigns, this is the episode for you. Join Jay as he gives you the breakdown of how to successfully advertise with Facebook and how he systematically tests his ads to optimize and scale his results. A must listen for anyone selling online.

"To Franchise Or Not To Franchise"

Many entrepreneurs look at franchising as a viable option when starting a business. Join Jay as he gives you his experience on franchising and what key factors you need to evaluate before you make your final decision.

"Press The Go Button"

Join us as Nick and Danielle Eden take us on their entrepreneurial journey and the formation of their multifaceted company Blueprint & Finesse LLC which has a marketing component, an events component, and a print-on-demand component. Learn how Nick and Danielle have become a successful entrepreneurial couple by taking action as they teach you how to press the go button. A must listen.