Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 15 - Thane Martin - CPA to the Stars

Thane C. Martin is a Certified Public Accountant licensed in Pennsylvania and Maryland. As CEO of Thane C. Martin, CPA; The Financial Consulting Firm, Inc; Thane shares his journey from his basement office to his current practice that includes numerous clients including professional athletes, world renowned entertainers, and numerous small business owners, executives, and organizations.

Thane graduated from Morgan State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and is also certified as a Specialist in resolving Tax Controversies (STC).



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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 14 - Jay Jones - 12 Keys to Building A Successful Business

Join us as Black Entrepreneur Blueprint host Jay Jones gives you the 12 Keys to Building A Successful Business. Jay expounds on key areas that will help you launch, build, and grow a successful business. Jay will delve into topics such as the power of positioning, the 5 M's of marketing, the importance of understanding the critical numbers of your business, and more. Jay will also answer some listner questions and offer his sound advice.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 13 - Ron Busby - The Secrets to Building Successful Businesses

Mr. Ron Busby owned and sold several multimillion dollar commercial cleaning businesses, and at one time he owned the nation's largest Black owned commercial cleaning business. Join us as Mr. Busby shares his knowledge and expertise as he has explains the strategies and systems he used to build his business from a small local company to a national powerhouse.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 12 - Rev. Peter Tabron - The Importance of Faith for An Entrepreneur

Reverend Peter Tabron is not just a Reverend, he is a successful entrepreneur. Petron Associates is one of the most successful Black owned commercial collection firms in the Northeast. Reverend Taybron discusses his entrepreneurial journey and the importance that faith has played in his success. Join us as he shares his keys to building a successful business while practicing his faith-based principles.

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