Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 28 - Jay Jones - The Importance of Knowing the 8 Stages of A Company's Lifecycle

Join Black Entrepreneur Blueprint host Jay Jones as he discusses the importance of recognizing and understanding "The 8 Stages of A Company's Lifecycle". From concept to exit; listen as Jay uses one of his own companies as a case study. You will gain real-life insight into the journey of a serial entrepreneur including his highs and lows as he chronicles the rise and fall of Action Mortgage.

Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 27 - Brenda Braxton - Broadway Legend and Entrepreneur Rebrands Her Business and Rebuilds Her Life

Tony nominated Broadway legend and entrepreneur Brenda Braxton has starred in such notable Broadway productions as Chicago, Smokey Joes Cafe, and Jelly's Last Jam with Gregory Hines and Savion Glover. After her Broadway career Ms. Braxton ventured into entrepreneurship and opened a successful gentleman's only parlor in Harlem named "BBraxton - Exceptional Grooming for Exceptional Men". After Early success, Ms. Braxton had to close her business and is now in the process of reinventing her brand and rebuilding her life. Join us on this remarkable entrepreneurial journey of perseverance and determination.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 26 - K. Elle Collier - Entrepreneur and Self Published Author Sells Thousands of Books on Amazon

Ms. K. Elle Collier left corporate America to follow her passion for writing. After several setbacks, she found the formula to sell thousands of her self-published books on Amazon and other platforms. Ms. Collier's latest series is titled Pretty Lies, Ugly Truths. Join us as Ms. Collier shares her entrepreneurial journey and the secret to selling thousands of books on Amazon.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 25 - Jay Jones - 7 Keys to Winning Big In Business In 2015

Jay Jones gives you 7 keys to winning big in business in 2015. Join us as you will learn how to position your business for success in 2015. Find out if you have the right team in place, if your idea viable, and how to exploit a niche; and much more. Also Jay answers 20 questions from participants at his last entrepreneur bootcamp.