"How Two Millennial Black Entrepreneurs Turned Their Love For Travel Into An 8 Million Dollar Luxury Real Estate Portfolio"

Join me on today’s Black Entrepreneur Blueprint episode # 328 where I talk with Carrington Carter and Calvin Butts Jr, the founders of, a high-end vacation rental investment company, and also East Chop Capital, a private equity firm.


"From Watching His Grandmother Sew To Becoming A World Renowned Fashion Designer"

Join me on today's podcast episode # 327 where I talk with renowned fashion designer Christopher Bevans as he discusses his amazing career from working with Diddy, Kanye West, Damon Dash, and others, to creating his own fashion line and building an app for creatives 

The Power Of Removal - The Secret To 3X Your Business And Your Life"

Many ultra-successful people understand and utilize the power of removal in their business and life. Join Jay on today's podcast episode # 326 as he discusses the power of removal as it pertains to your business and life. 

"How To Build Multiple Streams Of Income By Creating A Platform"

The most important component needed to build multiple streams of income is your platform. Unfortunately, this component is rarely implemented by most entrepreneurs which causes them to fail when trying to build a sustainable business with multiple income streams. Join Jay as he breaks down a simple way to build a successful platform to generate multiple income streams.