"12 Steps To A Prosperous 2018 - Holding Yourself Accountable"

As the new year approaches, Jay gives you 12 actionable steps that he uses to achieve his yearly goals for his businesses, and to be more productive. 

"Leaving A Six Figure Job To Follow Your Passion"

Carla Christine was making over six figures per year as an engineer for the government. Due to the stress and demands of her job she began to seek solutions to improve her wellbeing. Carla found that yoga improved her physical, as well as her mental wellbeing and she was hooked. Join us as Carla takes us through her entrepreneurial journey and how she turned her passion for yoga into a profitable location independent business.

"How To Sell Wholesale To Other Retailers And Create Your Own Distributor Network"

Join Jay as he gives you five steps to start selling your product wholesale to other retailers and create your own profitable distributor network. A must listen.

"4 Steps To Create An Ecommerce Portfolio Business"

Ecommerce is continuing to explode worldwide, and now is the time to stake your claim in the new world economy. Join Jay as he gives you four steps to creating an Ecommerce portfolio for long-term success and less risk than a single ecommerce website or just selling on Amazon. A must listen.


"Faith & Focus"

Chris Johnson is the founder of The Johnson Group and the Rapid Ramen Cooker. Join us as Chris discusses his meteoric rise as an entrepreneur and his stint on Shark Tank. Chris takes us through his entrepreneurial ups and downs and how faith and focus have made him successful. A must listen!

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"The 4 Step Facebook Ad Strategy That Is Guaranteed To Work"

If you have been struggling with your Facebook ad campaigns, this is the episode for you. Join Jay as he gives you the breakdown of how to successfully advertise with Facebook and how he systematically tests his ads to optimize and scale his results. A must listen for anyone selling online.

"To Franchise Or Not To Franchise"

Many entrepreneurs look at franchising as a viable option when starting a business. Join Jay as he gives you his experience on franchising and what key factors you need to evaluate before you make your final decision.

"Press The Go Button"

Join us as Nick and Danielle Eden take us on their entrepreneurial journey and the formation of their multifaceted company Blueprint & Finesse LLC which has a marketing component, an events component, and a print-on-demand component. Learn how Nick and Danielle have become a successful entrepreneurial couple by taking action as they teach you how to press the go button. A must listen.

"Leveraging Your Job To Finance Your Business"

Raeshelle Cooke is young, award winning independent filmmaker that uses her full-time job to finance her films. Join us as Raeshelle shares her dynamic entrepreneurial journey and how she is methodically leveraging her job to leave corporate America in the next few years. A must listen.

"Becoming Comfortable Being Uncomfortable - 3 Keys For Success For New Entrepreneurs"

The transition from employee to entrepreneur can be very stressful and uncomfortable. Join Jay as he gives you three keys to navigate the transition successfully. A must listen.

"5 Holiday Businesses You Can Start Today For Under $200"

As the holiday season approaches, many consumers are prepared to spend hundreds, and even thousands of dollars on gifts. Why not take advantage of the buying frenzy now and start a business? Join Jay as he gives you 5 businesses you can start today for under $200.

"Understanding Your Why And The Transformation Of Your Why"

As entrepreneurs and prospective entrepreneurs, we know what the "why" is; but do you know that your "why" will probably transform? Join Jay as he discusses this phenomenon. A must listen.

"How To Build A Subscriber List Of Over 900 People In 7 Days For A New Product Launch - 7 Easy Steps"

Are you interested in launching a new product? Do you want to capitalize on the holiday buying frenzy? Join Jay as he gives you the 7 easy steps he used to get over 900 new subscribers for his launch in 7 days. A must listen.

"How To Start A Profitable Local Newspaper Or Magazine"

Contrary to popular belief, print is NOT dead. Just take a look at the free publication racks in your local supermarkets and convenience stores for proof. Join Jay as he teaches you how to create your own local newspaper or magazine for crazy profit. Start your own media empire today.

"Trust Your Struggle - My Story And 6 Things I Learned From My Struggles"

We all have personal and business struggles that we have to deal with. Join Jay as he shares his stories of struggle and 6 things he learned from those experiences. This is a very personal and in-depth episode you don't want to miss. A must listen.

"Anatomy Of My Latest Product Test - How I Spent $202.16 To Make $761.40 Without Buying The Product"

Do you have an idea for a new product you want to sell online? Join Jay as he takes you step by step through his latest product test where his Return On Investment is 376% without purchasing the product. A must listen.

"5 Simple Steps To Positioning Yourself, Your Product, And Or Your Services For Success"

The only way to be successful in business is to position yourself and your products or services for success. Join Jay as he details the five steps needed to insure your success. A must listen.

"7 Small Scale Manufacturing Businesses You Can Start Without Breaking The Bank"

In order to make a bigger economic impact in our community we need to start manufacturing our own products and controlling the entire vertical. Join Jay as he gives you seven manufacturing businesses you can start without breaking the bank.

"Black Entrepreneurship, Black Economic Empowerment, And         The Entertainment Business"

Join Jay as he speaks live with Professor Griff, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member of one of the greatest groups of all time; Public Enemy. Listen as Griff lays it down about the importance of Black entrepreneurship, Black economic empowerment, and how to be successful in the entertainment business and as an entrepreneur. A must listen.

"The White Supremacist Rally In Charlottesville And 4 Reasons Why This Should Reinforce Black Entrepreneurship"

The recent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville brings to light the reason why we need to start taking control of resources and stop devoting our time, energy, and labor to enrich others. The racist participants in the rally consist of people that hold positions of power in government, law enforcement, and corporate America where most of our income is made. Join Jay as he gives you four reasons why we need our own businesses to combat the unequal playing field and to create an economic power base locally, nationally, and worldwide so we don't have to rely on others who may not have our best interest in mind. A must listen.

"What Does Your Perfect Business Look Like"

Many times, when we start businesses we never take the time to think about what does our perfect business look like? Does your business bring you joy, does it fit around your lifestyle, does it accomplish what it was designed to accomplish? Join Jay as he discusses how to make sure you don't create a business that you can't stand, and how to create the business that is designed perfectly for you. A must listen.

"How To Silence Your Fears & Start Your Business"

Many prospective entrepreneurs never even get started because of fear; fear of the unknown. I work with many people who are just too fearful to transition into entrepreneurship and never realize their dreams in life. Join Jay as he shares 7 steps to help silence your fear and move towards entrepreneurship. A must listen.

"8 Reasons Why You May Want To Create Your Own Online Course"

Do you know something that other people want to know? Do you find that a lot of people ask you to help them with the same problem or issue? If so, you may have an online course inside of you that you can monetize. Join Jay as he discusses 8 reasons why this may be the business for you. A must listen!

"How To Create Successful Sales Funnels"

All companies large or small need to learn how to create successful sales funnels to attract and drive prospective customers through their marketing campaign and transform the prospects into customers. Learn how Jay creates and sets up his most successful funnels. Jay also discusses the future of online marketing using "Native" advertising. A must listen.

"The Pursuit Of Happyness"

Chris Gardner was determined to work on Wall Street even though he did not have a college degree. Join us as Chris tells his amazing story of going from homeless father sleeping in subway bathrooms with his young son to becoming a multi-millionaire entrepreneur on Wall Street. 

"When Are You Going To Declare Your Independence - The 3 Easiest Ways To Leverage Ecommerce To Gain Your Independence"

When are you going to declare your independence and start to control your own destiny? What is it going to take for you to stop depending on someone else for your livelihood? Join Jay as he shares three of the easiest ways to use ecommerce to gain your independence. A must listen.

"How To Start Your Own Route Business"

Have you ever seen people stocking bread and cookies in your local convenience store or supermarket? Well more than likely, they are independent business owners that own a route business selling those products to supermarkets and convenience stores. Learn the upside potential of creating your own route business as Jay recounts from his experience having a Famous Amos cookie route and the potential to create distribution for your own product brand by creating and selling routes. A must listen.

"Press The Go Button"

Join us as Nick & Danielle Eden take us on their entrepreneurial journey and the formation of their multifaceted company Blueprints & Finesse LLC, which has a marketing component, an events component, and a print-on-demand component. Learn how Nick and Danielle have become a successful entrepreneurial couple by taking action as they teach you how to "Press the Go Button". A must listen!

"From GED To Founder Of Atom Factory"

Troy Carter was raised in the tough neighborhood of West Philly and lived his dream to become an entertainment mogul and an astute investor with only a GED. Join us as Troy tells his amazing entrepreneurial journey and how he created Atom Factory.

"Don't Take "No" For An Answer - Live Your Dream"

Join Jay as he relives his recent trip to LA and discusses some of the interesting entrepreneurs he met along the way that did not take "No" for an answer. In order to live your dream you have to take action. A must listen.

"12 Rules For Success In Business"

Join Jay as he shares with you his 12 rules for success in business and why they are so important. This is a must listen for all entrepreneurs and prospective entrepreneurs.

"How I Made $7,500 In 12 Days - The Anatomy Of A Real Estate Wholesaling Deal"

Join Jay as he takes you through his last real estate wholesaling deal where he profited $7,500 in 12 days. Jay discusses the pros and cons of wholesaling and how you can profit also. A must listen if you are interested in wholesaling.

"Ways To Generate Revenue From What You Know"

Nicole Roberts Jones did not let her surroundings stop her from finding her purpose in life. Join us as Nicole takes us on her journey from from South Central Los Angeles to becoming an author, speaker, coach, and successful entrepreneur. A must listen.

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"Jay Gets Interviewed About Entrepreneurship, Economics, & Politics"

Listen as Jay is interviewed on the "No Cupcake Zone" podcast by Mr. Johnson Marce; aka Triple Black. Jay shares his thoughts and experiences on entrepreneurship, Black Economics, and politics as Johnson digs deep and asks great thought provoking questions. A must listen.

"Stepping Over Dollars To Pick Up Dimes"

Many times we undervalue our own talents and skills to the point where we believe the only way we can make money is by getting a paycheck from somebody else. Join Jay as he discusses how to start picking up those dollars instead of dimes; by using the same talents that somebody else is paying you for and creating your own business.

"7 Steps To Creating Your "Sweet Spot" In Life And Business"

Many of us continue to live a life where we are unhappy with our current situation because we have allowed other factors to dictate our lifestyle. Join Jay as gives you seven steps to create your ideal "sweet spot" in life and in business. A must listen!

"The Art Of Looking Deeper: How To Increase Control & Profits Of Your Physical Products Business"

Many times we fail to see the full opportunity in our physical products business because we do not look deep enough into the entire process from manufacturing your own products. to selling your product to the end user. Join Jay as he gives you several steps that will enlighten you and make you start to look deeper into your entire process. A must listen if you sell physical products.

"How To Come Up With Product Ideas"

Are you interested in starting a product based business? Are you having trouble finding the right product to sell? If so, join Jay as he gives you his process for finding successful products to sell. A must listen if you are looking to sell physical products.

"7 Lessons I Learned From Failing In Business"

Any successful entrepreneur knows that your road to success is not a smooth journey. Join Jay as he discusses 7 lessons he's learned from failing multiple times in business and why those failures actually helped him become successful.

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"How To Easily Start A Business While You Have A Job - The Art Of Leverage"

Do you want to start a business but you think you don't have the time or the expertise? How would you like to leverage your job to help you start your own business. Join Jay as he gives you the keys to using your job to help build your own business. A must listen!

"The Anatomy Of Testing A Product Without Going Broke - 2 Case Studies"

Join Jay as he breaks down how to test product ideas without losing your shirt and having products piled up in your garage. Learn exactly how Jay tests ideas and how he found a winner with one products, and avoided taking a loss with the other product. A must listen.


"Jay Gets Interviewed On His Own Show"

Join Jay as he is interviewed by Mr. Jarmar Dupas of the podcast Get Your Money Right Jarmar gets deep and asks many pertinent questions about entrepreneurship and money. Don't miss this very informative interview with Jay. A must listen.

"The Effects Of Politics, Media, And Entrepreneurship As It Pertains To The Black Community"

Join Jay as he goes in depth with Dr. Wilmer Leon about the effects that politics, media, and entrepreneurship have in the Black Community. This is a must listen!


"20 Characteristics Of A Successful Entrepreneur"

Do you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? Join Jay as he discusses 20 characteristics that make a successful entrepreneur. A must listen.

Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 136 - Bob Johnson - How To Build A Business

"How To Build A Business"

Join us as we listen to billionaire Bob Johnson and how he started BET. Bob also talks about his new digital venture the Urban Movie Channel. A must listen for all entrepreneurs.

Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 135 - Jay Jones - How To Make Money In The Billboard Advertising Business

"How To Make Money In The Billboard Advertising Business"

In part 6 of the series "Businesses You Can Start In 2017 For Little Money" Jay discusses the tremendous opportunity in the billboard business. Learn how you can capitalize in the lucrative world of billboard advertising with as little as a phone, a fax, and email. 

Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 134 - Dr. Michael V Roberts - Secrets Of A Black Billionaire

"Secrets Of A Black Billionaire". A Must

Join us as we listen to an interview with Black billionaire Dr. Michael V. Roberts, owner of the Roberts Company. A must listen.

Direct download: Black_Entrepreneur_Blueprint_134_-_Michael_V_Roberts_2-7-17.mp3
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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 133 - Jay Jones - There's Dough In The Pizza Advertising Business

"There's Dough In The Pizza Advertising Business"

In the latest installment of "Businesses You Can Start In 2017 For Little Money" Jay diagnoses the pizza box advertising business. Join Jay as he discusses how you can make over $5,000 per week selling ads on pizza boxes starting with only an empty pizza box and a sheet of paper. 

Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 132 - Byron Allen - Media Mogul Sues Comcast And Al Sharpton

"Media Mogul Sues Comcast And Al Sharpton To Open Airwaves To Black Owned Media Companies"  

Billionaire Byron Allen is a self-made media mogul who wants to open the airwaves for more Black owned media companies. In this interview, Byron discusses his lawsuit against Comcast and Al Sharpton and answers some difficult personal questions. Join us as Byron uncovers the the pay-to-play media machine.           

Black Entrepreneur Blueprint:131 - Building Wealth Through Real Estate: 4 Strategies To Financial Freedom

"Building Wealth Through Real Estate: 4 Strategies To Financial Freedom;Even If You Don't Have Cash Or Credit"

Real estate has been an integral part of wealth building for centuries. Join Jay as he discusses four strategies for building wealth with real estate. Jay even discusses one strategy that does not require cash or credit. A must Listen.

Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 130 - Jay Jones - How To Start A Profitable Credit Repair Business

"How To Start A Profitable Credit Repair Business"

In part three of "Businesses You Can Start In 2017 For Little Money", Jay delves into the profitable credit repair business.  Many small credit repair businesses gross over a million dollars per year with minimal overhead. Join Jay as he gives you some key components in starting a successful credit repair business. 

Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 129 - Jay Jones - 7 Steps To A Profitable & Prosperous 2017

"7 Steps To A Profitable & Prosperous 2017

A new year, a new challenge. Join Jay as he outlines 7 simple steps you can take to create a profitable and prosperous 2017 for your business and personal life.