Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 37 - Ace Chapman - From Getting Fired To 3 Million In Revenues Buying & Selling Businesses

Ace Chapman is a self-made millionaire. Ace went from getting fired from his corporate banking job to creating a 3 million dollar a year business buying and selling existing businesses. Ace tells us how he went from buying franchises and flipping houses, to flipping businesses. Join us as Ace teaches us his system how to acquire and flip businesses for profit regardless of your credit.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 36 - J Massey - From Foreclosure To Real Estate Multimillionaire In 6 Years With No Credit

J. Massey went from squatting in his own foreclosed home to become a multimillionaire real estate investor in six years with no credit. J is a mentor to real estate investors and provides expert guidance in wealth-creation systems. As an investor J owns over 300 units of residential and commercial properties as well as private notes and mortgages. Join us as J takes us through his amazing entrepreneurial journey from corporate America, to foreclosure, and to multimillionaire.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 35 - Joy Donnell - Transform Your Popularity Into Publicity

Do you want to learn how to transform your popularity into publicity? Joy Donnell moved to Los Angeles all by herself and launched a very successful media company. As a media strategist, Ms. Donnell teaches people how to leverage your popularity into publicity. Ms. Donnell has worked with such notable brands as Mercedes, Maybach, and Warner Brother's. She has also connected brands to celebrities including Samuel L. Jackson, Calista Flockhart, and Patti LaBelle. Join us as Ms. Donnell takes us on her extraordinary entrepreneurial journey and teaches us how to "own the power of your voice".

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 34 - Michelle Ngome - How To Network Your Way To Success

Michelle Ngome is an up and coming entrepreneur in the Houston, TX area who is looking to expand her brand nationwide. Join us as Michelle takes us on her journey from leaving her cushy corporate job and venturing out into the harsh realities of entrepreneurship. We follow Michelle as she has to endure several setbacks including losing her apartment before she can finally get the momentum she needs by using her networking skills to build her business. Michelle is also the author of a new book titled: "Network, Navigate, and Nurture - The Equation to Strategic Networking".

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Kelvin Hampton is a strong family man that comes from a long line of successful entrepreneurs; ranging from his grandmother who ran a farm on a second grade education, to his father who parlayed a vending business into other successful businesses. Join us as Kelvin shares how he and his family built a one-person bail bond company into a thriving 2.4 Million dollar business with five locations and over thirty employees. Learn the success principals that Kelvin and his family have mastered to help empower not only his family, but his community as well.

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