"Planning For Business Success In 2020 - The BEB Business Model Canvas"

Join Jay as he discusses how you can use the BEB Business Model Canvas as a template for developing a new business or documenting an existing business. Go to to download the free template.

"How The 12 Laws Of Karma Relate To Successful Entrepreneurship"

Join Jay as he discusses how the 12 laws of Karma can help you become a better entrepreneur.

"2020 The Year Of Your Genius - Genius Training 2020 - The Monetization Blueprint - Purpose Fulfillment Money"

As 2019 comes to a close, Jay discusses the importance of living in your "Genius" in 2020 and transforming your life. Be one of the first 10 people to register for this live training at


"What Your Business Needs To Know About Black Consumer Spending Habits"

Join Jay as he talks with Ms. Cheryl Grace, SVP of Nielsen as they discuss Nielsen's latest report on Black consumer purchasing decisions titled "It's In the Bag: Black Consumers' Path to Purchase."Understand how you can position your products and services to connect with the estimated Trillion dollars Black buying power in the USA by the year 2023.

"From Going Borke Twice To Over 5 Million Dollars In Government Contracts"

Join Jay as he talks with Mr. Eric Coffie founder of as they discuss his amazing entrepreneurial journey where he almost lost it all twice and rebounded by doing over 5 million dollars in government contracts. Please visit for a special promo offer for Eric's upcoming book. 

"11 Questions For Jay Jones"

Join Jay as he answers 11 questions from BEB Family members and breaks down entrepreneurship and economic development in the Black community.

"Prioritize, Produce, Or Perish - Why Other Ethnicities Can Always Count On Black People"

Join Jay as he discusses why the Black community needs to prioritize economic education, self-love, and entrepreneurship or continue to be in economic disarray. Jay is joined in the discussion by his daughter Taylor.

"Where There's Traffic There's Money - Keys To Getting Organic Traffic"  

As entrepreneurs, we understand that the more traffic we get the better. No traffic, no sales, no business. Join Jay as he gives you four keys to getting organic traffic.

"Commentary On Byron Allen's Recent Interview On The Breakfast Club"

Byron Allen is one of the most successful media moguls that most people have never heard of. Join Jay as he gives commentary on Byron Allen's recent interview on the Breakfast Club as he discusses his amazing entrepreneurial journey and his quest to achieve economic inclusion. A must listen.

"7 Steps To Building A Business Ecosystem That Creates Stability And Multiple Income Streams"

If you want to create stability and multiple income streams, join Jay as he discusses the benefits of building an ecosystem around your business.


"How To Make Multiple Streams Of Income From A Website Without Creating Content"

Join Jay as he discusses building a website that produces multiple streams of income and how to create long-term passive income by just following a proven system. If you are interested in learning more, you can attend a free webinar at


"Brand Builder Academy 2020 - Build Your Six-Figure Brand"

If you ever wanted to build a successful eCommerce physical products brand, join Jay on today's episode where he invites you to join him and 10 other entrepreneurs in the "Brand Builder Academy 2020" at

This six-week implementation program is unlike any other. Not only is Jay going to teach you how to build a brand, but he will also be building a new brand right alongside you. 

"Pinpoint And Monetize Your "Genius" - A Case Study"

Join Jay as he interviews the dynamic Ms. Amber Quinney also known as the "Scholarship Queen." Amber takes us on her amazing entrepreneurial journey and tells how she started a thriving business right out of college. A must listen. Visit


"The Importance Of Vertical Integration - Own The Production, Own The Distribution, Own The Customer, Or Die"

Join Jay as he gives you a real-life example of why a profitable Black-owned business went out of business because there was no vertical integration. The strategy of vertical integration is necessary for Black businesses not only to thrive but survive. A must listen.

"The Money Is In The List - Case Study"

Join Jay on this critical episode as he discusses the number one reason businesses fail. The difference between your company going out of business and being a seven-figure business is the list. Go to for a free list-building checklist.

"From Door-To-Door Sales To Building A 7 Figure Brand - Talley And Twine"

Join Jay as he speaks with Talley & Twine founder Randy Williams as he takes us on his entrepreneurial journey from door-to-door sales to building a 7 figure brand.


"From Almost Being Fired To A Multimillion-Dollar Natural Haircare Company"

Join Jay as he interviews the founder of Curls, Ms. Mahisha Dellinger. Mahisha takes us on her amazing entrepreneurial journey which includes almost being fired from her job to starring in a TV show on the Oprah Winfrey network, to building a multimillion-dollar natural haircare brand. 

"How To Get Paid To Market Your Product Or Service Using The "Piggyback" Strategy"

Join Jay as he teaches you a game-changing concept to get paid to market your product or service by using the "piggyback" strategy.

"A Peek Inside Eric Thomas' Business Empire - And Tips To Propel You Into The 1 Percent Club"

Make sure you don't miss this dynamic episode as Jay interviews the one and only ET, Eric Thomas. Join Jay as he takes a rare peek behind the curtain of Eric Thomas' multimillion-dollar business empire and learn some tips on how you can become a part of the 1 Percent Club. This is a MUST listen.

"How To Persevere When Nobody Believes In Your Dreams - 7 Tips"

Being an entrepreneur is no easy task, so how do you keep pushing forward when nobody else believes in your dreams? Join Jay as he gives you seven tips.


"Analyzing Master P's interview on The Breakfast Club"

On today's podcast episode Jay breaks down and dissects Master P's latest interview on the Breakfast Club. Join Jay as he discusses some of the concepts and principles Master P uses to become successfully independent. 


"The Freedom Equation - How To Control Time And Money"

Many of us dream of being able to live the life we desire, but we don't know how to control time and money. Join Jay as he gives you the simple "Freedom Equation" to help you live a life of freedom.

"Here's What They Think About You - Why Other Ethnicities Think We Are A Joke In Business And In General"

Join Jay as he tackles the serious issue of what other ethnicities think about the Black community. Jay also gives you 5 ways to combat that opinion and empower the community. This is a "MUST" listen and please share with your network.

Is Your "Normal" Conducive For Success - Why You May Need A New "Normal"

Many times we become accustomed to certain things and they become "Normal" to us. Join Jay as he discusses 5 areas where you may need to adjust your "Normal."


"Leveraging Your Own Effort For Profit - 4 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself"

Corporate America is built on leveraging other peoples' effort. Join Jay as he discusses why you should own and profit from your personal effort.

"The Power Of Direct-To-Consumer Sales And Why You Need To Take Advantage Of It Now"

In this new worldwide economy, we are now able to connect directly to prospective customers and cut out the middleman. Join Jay as he discusses the 'why" and "how" your business needs to leverage direct-to-consumer sales for profit and stability.


"The Top 10 Reasons You Can't Sell Your Product Or Service Online"

Many businesses struggle to sell their products or services successfully online because they are missing crucial elements that increase conversion. Join Jay as he discusses 10 reasons why this may be happening to


The 5 Step Plan To Create A Real Juneteenth"

Juneteenth is an American holiday that commemorates the announcement of the abolition of slavery on June 19, 1865. Even though we were technically freed, the remnants of slavery still bind us today. Join Jay as he gives us 5 steps to create real liberation that will help us celebrate a "real' Juneteenth when we are truly free. 

"Your Entrepreneurial Ignorance Is Big Business For Others - A Case Study"

Many businesses and industries are counting on your entrepreneurial business ignorance (lack of knowledge) to make massive profits. Join Jay as he examines a case study and gives you several solutions to build a healthy business.


"Elevate Your Entrepreneur IQ With The BlackEntrepreneur Blueprint ACADEMY"

If you ever felt that you needed that extra education to either start your business or scale your current business, the Black Entrepreneur Blueprint ACADEMY is finally here. Join Jay as he discusses how you can become a founding member of the BEB ACADEMY and "Elevate Your Entrepreneur IQ and level up your business and profits. Join the BEB Academy and get the "premium" actionable content and resources you need at  See you inside the academy.

"5 Steps To Build Your Ideal Life"

Many times we wait for people or circumstances to validate us and put us in ideal positions or situations. Join Jay on today's episode where he discusses 5 steps to help you build your ideal life (business and personal). 

"The One Simple Sentence That You Must Write That Will TotallyTransform Your Business And Your Profits"

In business, there are certain simple multipliers that can exponentially grow your business. Join Jay as he gives you one simple sentence that will help you position your business for success.

"How To Eliminate The Two Biggest Reasons Businesses Fail By Working Within Your Genius"

Join Jay as he gives you the two biggest reasons most businesses fail and how working within your "Genius" can help not only prevent failure but exponentially increase your chances for success.

"7 Steps To Transition From Part-Time To Full-Time Entrepreneur"

One of the hardest transitions to make is to transition your side hustle into full-time entrepreneurship. Join Jay as he gives you 7 steps to help you determine your side hustle and then transition that into full-time entrepreneurship.

"The Importance Of Owning The System - 3 Components We Must Control"

Join Jas as he discusses the 3 components we must address to start to own economic systems as opposed to just being a cog in someone else's system. True power comes from control.


"Do You Really Understand The Importance Of Black Entrepreneurship As It Pertains To Our Future"

Black Entrepreneurship is the engine for self-sufficiency and independence and if we don't build and support Black-owned businesses we will be in much worse shape than we are now.

"21 Benefits Of A Mastermind Group - How To Level Up Your Business"

Join Jay as he discusses the benefits of joining a mastermind group and how the synergistic energy can help you grow your business exponentially.

"Are You Doing Business Or Bidness - 6 Tips To Running A Tight Business"

As we know, building a successful business is not easy - especially for Black-owned businesses. Join Jay on today's episode as he gives you 6 tips to do good business.

Legacy - What Would Your Legacy Be If You Died Today - 7 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself"

With the recent murder of Nipsey Hussle, it makes you think about legacy. Join Jay as he discusses 7 questions you need to ask yourself about your entrepreneurial legacy and your overall legacy.

"Thriving vs Surviving - 10 Things You Must Have To Build A Thriving Business"

We all know that building a business can be very challenging at the least. Join Jay as he gives you 10 "must haves" to build a thriving business.

"Coming To The Table With Leverage - 5 Tips To Increase Your Leverage And Get What You Want For Your Business"

Join Jay as he discusses how to increase your leverage for your business and get what you want and need to be successful.


"Wake Your Successful Self Up"

Join Jay as he interviews Mr. Felix Anderson the founder of the Wake Your Successful Self Up movement that brings clarity to vision. Felix takes us on his inspiring entrepreneurial journey which included working many odd jobs while he formulated his escape from corporate America. 

"The Importance Of Building Assets In Your Business"

Join Jay as he discusses tangible and intangible business assets and the 3 reasons why it is imperative that you build them. 

"From Food Stamps To Financial Literacy"

Join us as Jay interviews successful Financial Advisor Mr. Charles "Tank" Harris as he takes us on his amazing entrepreneurial journey managing the assets of athletes and entertainers to transitioning into working with entrepreneurs and everyday folk. 

"Signing The Front And The Back Of Your Paycheck - 7 Ways To Become Self Sufficient And Not Depend On Anyone Else To Make A Living"

Join Jay as he dives into 7 ways to become self-sufficient and not depend on anyone else for a living. In the recent aftermath of the Stevie Harvey interview with Monique, we see what having to answer to a boss can make you do and say. Damn Steve!

"Selling Licensed Products For Fun And Profit"

Join Jay as he discusses a lucrative industry that not many Black entrepreneurs or Black companies take advantage of. Learn the pros and cons of entering the licensed products industry.

"Here's What They Really Think About You - Why Other Ethnicities Think We Are A Joke In Business And In General"

Join Jay as he tackles the serious issue of what other ethnicities think about the Black community. Jay also gives you five ways to combat that opinion and empower the community. A must listen.


"The 3 Biggest Reasons Your Business Is Not Getting Enough Sales"

Join Jay as he discusses the 3 biggest reasons businesses are not getting the sales they need to be successful. A must listen.




"Top Business Ideas For 2019 - How To Get Organic Traffic With "How To" Domains"

Join Jay as he gives you a double episode where he discusses three of his top business ideas for 2019 and how you can get organic traffic to your website with "How To"domains.

"How To Make Money In Ecommerce In 2019"

With the ever-changing ecommerce landscape, it's imperative to have a blueprint for success. Join Jay as he discusses the two ways to make money in Ecommerce in 2019. Also watch the video tutorial of Jay's winning sales funnel broken down at


"$49,056 In Ecommerce Sales From Thanksgiving To Christmas From Physical Products - 5 Must Haves"

If you are interested in ecommerce as a part-time or full-time business, please join Jay as he discusses the 5 "must haves" to be successful in selling physical or digital products online. A must listen.

"The Emancipation Blueprint - Create Your Customized Emancipation Blueprint and Build Your Ideal Business"

Are you trying to find the right business to start? Are you unhappy in your current business? The reason may be because you have not built your based on your skill set, talents, and passions. Join Jay as he discusses building your business from within.