Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 24 - Jay Jones - 20 Common Characterisitics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs are not lucky, they all posses certain characteristics that make them successful. Join us as Jay Jones discusses the 20 common characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. Find out if you have the traits to be successful.

Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 23 - Nancy Twine - From Wall Street to Starting A Natural Hair Care Brand

Nancy Twine was a successful Wall Street Executive for seven years when she decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge into the fierce waters of the hair care industry. Listen as Nancy tells us how she took a homemade formula and turned it into a hair care brand that is now sold in Sephora, Urban Outfitters, and other national locations. Join us as Nancy takes us on her entrepreneurial journey of

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 22 - Robin Wilson - From $1.23 To A Multimillion Dollar Interior Design Firm

Robin Wilson is an eco-friendly interior designer and a lifestyle brand with products sold in Bed Bath & Beyond; and is the first women with a branded line of custom kitchen & bath cabinetry sold by over 400 dealers nationwide. Join us as Robin takes us on her entrepreneurial journey and tells us how she was left with $1.23 cents in her bank account and how she overcame it and built a multimillion dollar business.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 21 - Jay Jones - 32 Businesses You Can Start Today With Little or No Money

Today at the request of his audience, Jay Jones gives you 32 businesses you can start today with little or no money. Today Jay talks about starting low cost, high profit potential businesses like carpet cleaning, media consulting, selling products on Amazon and Ebay, and even gun flipping; yes gun flipping. If you are looking to expand your current business or want ideas for a new business, this episode is for you.

Black Entrepreneur Blueprint:20 - Jay Jones - Ferguson Missouri, Perception, and Action - The Importance of Black Economics In Our Community

With the recent unrest in Ferguson, Missouri the importance of perception is critical to not just Black social issues, but also Black economic issues. Jay Jones speaks on perception and action and how each of us can help change our community by helping to build a strong economic base. Also learn the 10 Steps to Creating Your Action Plan for Business and Life.

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