"A Peek Inside Eric Thomas' Business Empire - And Tips To Propel You Into The 1 Percent Club"

Make sure you don't miss this dynamic episode as Jay interviews the one and only ET, Eric Thomas. Join Jay as he takes a rare peek behind the curtain of Eric Thomas' multimillion-dollar business empire and learn some tips on how you can become a part of the 1 Percent Club. This is a MUST listen.

"How To Persevere When Nobody Believes In Your Dreams - 7 Tips"

Being an entrepreneur is no easy task, so how do you keep pushing forward when nobody else believes in your dreams? Join Jay as he gives you seven tips.


"Analyzing Master P's interview on The Breakfast Club"

On today's podcast episode Jay breaks down and dissects Master P's latest interview on the Breakfast Club. Join Jay as he discusses some of the concepts and principles Master P uses to become successfully independent. 


"The Freedom Equation - How To Control Time And Money"

Many of us dream of being able to live the life we desire, but we don't know how to control time and money. Join Jay as he gives you the simple "Freedom Equation" to help you live a life of freedom.