"How To Start Your Own Route Business"

Have you ever seen people stocking bread and cookies in your local convenience store or supermarket? Well more than likely, they are independent business owners that own a route business selling those products to supermarkets and convenience stores. Learn the upside potential of creating your own route business as Jay recounts from his experience having a Famous Amos cookie route and the potential to create distribution for your own product brand by creating and selling routes. A must listen.

"Press The Go Button"

Join us as Nick & Danielle Eden take us on their entrepreneurial journey and the formation of their multifaceted company Blueprints & Finesse LLC, which has a marketing component, an events component, and a print-on-demand component. Learn how Nick and Danielle have become a successful entrepreneurial couple by taking action as they teach you how to "Press the Go Button". A must listen!

"From GED To Founder Of Atom Factory"

Troy Carter was raised in the tough neighborhood of West Philly and lived his dream to become an entertainment mogul and an astute investor with only a GED. Join us as Troy tells his amazing entrepreneurial journey and how he created Atom Factory.

"Don't Take "No" For An Answer - Live Your Dream"

Join Jay as he relives his recent trip to LA and discusses some of the interesting entrepreneurs he met along the way that did not take "No" for an answer. In order to live your dream you have to take action. A must listen.