"Message To The Black Entrepreneur - The 14 Laws Of Prosperity"

Join Jay on today’s Black Entrepreneur Blueprint podcast where Jay gives you “The 14 Laws Of Prosperity” for Black Entrepreneurs. Please make sure you SUBSCRIBE, SHARE, and CONNECT with the Black Entrepreneur Blueprint ecosystem and visit

"The Secret To Entrepreneurial Success In 2021 - The Exponential Power Of Alignment"

Join Jay on today's episode # 336 where he gives you 6 things that need to be aligned to exponentially grow your business in 2021. Visit


"The Power Of Authenticity - 7 Questions To Ask Yourself To Live An Authentic Life"

Join Jay on today’s show where he gives you 7 questions to help you live an authentic life that will help you make more money, be more fulfilled, and work on projects that are meaningful to you. Visit


"Building Generational Wealth Through Entrepreneurship"

On today's podcast, I speak with the president of McBride Research Laboratories Mr. Cornell McBride Jr. Cornell took over the family business from his father and is a second-generation entrepreneur. Join me as he discusses how they built Design Essentials into a multi-million-dollar professional haircare brand.

"7 Tips For Entrepreneurial Success In 2021"

Join me on today's podcast episode # 333 where I give you 7 tips to level up your business in 2021. Visit


"Black On Black Commerce Not Black On Black Crime"

Join me on today's podcast as I discuss the importance of Black On Black commerce and how it can positively affect our community by creating more jobs. That economic power base can create more Black-owned businesses that can hire more of our own people and provide employment opportunities for our community and help change the false narrative of Black on Black crime. Visit


"How To Build Your Brand With Influencer Marketing"

Join me on today's podcast episode # 331 as I speak with influencer marketing professional Taylor Jones as we discuss how to build your brand and make money using influencer marketing. Email for more information

"Turning A Hobby Into A Million Dollar Business"

Join me on today’s Black Entrepreneur Blueprint episode # 330 as I speak with the co-founder of Hella Cocktail Mr. Jomaree Pinkard as we discuss how he turned his hobby of mixing drinks into a million-dollar business. Visit:



"How To Use Quizzes To Quickly Build Your Database And Drive Traffic To Your Offers"

"Also The Rebranding and Rebooting Of Black Entrepreneur Blueprint Academy"

Join me on today's Black Entrepreneur Blueprint podcast episode # 329 as I discuss how to use quizzes as a lead magnet to quickly and easily build your database and drive traffic to your offers.

Also, make sure you check out the quiz training in the newly updated and rebooted Black Entrepreneur Blueprint Academy at GET 5 DAYS FREE ACCESS



"How Two Millennial Black Entrepreneurs Turned Their Love For Travel Into An 8 Million Dollar Luxury Real Estate Portfolio"

Join me on today’s Black Entrepreneur Blueprint episode # 328 where I talk with Carrington Carter and Calvin Butts Jr, the founders of, a high-end vacation rental investment company, and also East Chop Capital, a private equity firm.


"From Watching His Grandmother Sew To Becoming A World Renowned Fashion Designer"

Join me on today's podcast episode # 327 where I talk with renowned fashion designer Christopher Bevans as he discusses his amazing career from working with Diddy, Kanye West, Damon Dash, and others, to creating his own fashion line and building an app for creatives 

The Power Of Removal - The Secret To 3X Your Business And Your Life"

Many ultra-successful people understand and utilize the power of removal in their business and life. Join Jay on today's podcast episode # 326 as he discusses the power of removal as it pertains to your business and life. 

"How To Build Multiple Streams Of Income By Creating A Platform"

The most important component needed to build multiple streams of income is your platform. Unfortunately, this component is rarely implemented by most entrepreneurs which causes them to fail when trying to build a sustainable business with multiple income streams. Join Jay as he breaks down a simple way to build a successful platform to generate multiple income streams.

"How To Build Multiple Streams Of Income - 7 Tips"

When it comes to income streams, one is always the worst number. Join Jay on today's podcast as he gives you seven tips to easily create multiple streams of income.


"From Homeless To Building A Luxury Watch Business"

Aspiring actor and producer Emir Horton traveled from Philadelphia to Hollywood with only $1,000 to pursue his dream of acting and producing only to find himself homeless after a few months. Join Jay as he talks with Emir about his amazing entrepreneurial journey that led to the founding of the Eartha Watch company. Visit



"NBA All-Star Transitions From Pro Sports To Successful Entrepreneur"

Allan Houston has won an Olympic gold medal, was an NBA All-Star and is now a successful entrepreneur on a mission to serve others. Join Jay as he talks with Allan about his amazing entrepreneurial journey. Visit www.


"Cash In On The Holiday Ecommerce Goldrush - 4 Simple Ideas"

The greatest quarter of ecommerce sales in history will take place between October 2020 and December 31, 2020. Join Jay as he gives you four simple concepts you can use today to start making money online. Go to for more information on how to sell online.

"Shark Tank Contestant Mikaila Ulmer - 15-Year-Old Founder Of Me And The Bees Lemonade"

Mikaila Ulmer started her Lemonade business at only 4 years old and with the help of an investment from Shark Tank star Daymond John her lemonade brand "Me and The Bees" is now sold in over 1,800 stores. Join Jay as he talks with Mikaila about her amazing entrepreneurial journey and her new book "Bee Fearless - Dream Like A Kid." Visit:


How A Website That Only Nets $1,353 Per Month Sold For $50,065"

Online shopping is growing so fast that the global online shopping market size is predicted to hit 4 trillion in 2020, The US alone is expecting to have 300 million online shoppers by 2023, which is 91% of the entire US population. Are you going to continue to only be a consumer or are you going to be a producer and start selling online?

Join Jay as he discusses how even low revenue websites sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Visit: to learn how to build a successful online business.

" Founder Goes From Wall Street Lawyer To Media Mogul"

Fred Mwangaguhunga decided to leave his high paying job to venture out on his own, After several, less than stellar attempts, he finally got it right. Join Jay as he talks with Fred Mwangaguhunga the CEO and founder of about his amazing entrepreneur journey. 

How To Build A Million Dollar Business By Delivering Transformation As An Outcome"

Having trouble building or scaling your business to a million dollars? Join Jay as he gives you 6 fundamental concepts to build a million-dollar business by delivering transformation as an outcome.

"How To Make 6-Figures With A Lead Generation Business"

Are you looking for a 6-Figure business to start? Businesses always need leads. Join Jay as he breaks down how you can start a lucrative lead generation business that can thrive in any economy, has a low startup cost, and is easily scalable. Join Jay's live training on Wednesday, August 12th at 7:00 PM EST at


"Test Your Product Or Service To Get Proof Of Concept So You Don't Waste Time And Money - 3 Case Studies"

One of the biggest stumbling blocks with entrepreneurs is getting proof of concept for their product or service. Join Jay on today's episode as he discusses 3 case studies that will show you how to test your business concept for selling a physical product, a digital product, and a service. 

"From College Dropout To Venture Capitalist"

Marcus Whitney was working as a waiter when he decided to make a change in his life. Join Jay as he speaks with Marcus about his amazing journey from dropping out of college to becoming a successful venture capitalist. Visit


"How To Sell Any Product Or Service Using The Price Versus Value Seesaw"

Are you struggling to sell your product or service? If so, join me on today's podcast where I give you six components of the price versus value equation that will allow you to sell any product or service.


Ask me all your entrepreneurial questions this Wednesday, July 15th. at 7:00 PM EST. You can register at I can only take the first 30 people, so register now and get the zoom link for the call. Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

"How To Get Your Product Ready To Sell In Retail"

Do you have a current product idea that you want to get into retail stores? Do you have an idea for a new product you want to sell in stores? Join Jay on today's show as he shows you what you need to do to get your product retail-ready.

"How To Create A Minimum Viable Product And Get Proof Of Concept Without Spending A Lot Of Money"

Have you ever been uncertain that your new product or service will not be successful? Join Jay as he gives you the 6 steps to help you get proof of concept without spending a lot of money.

"Black To The Future - Building Wealth For The Future From Lessons Of The Past

Building wealth is paramount for any community to thrive. Join Jay as he discusses what we can learn from our rich past to help build wealth in the future by going Black to the future. 

"How To Buy Franchises To Build Generational Wealth"

Have you ever thought about buying a franchise? If so, make sure you tune in to this episode where I talk to the mother and daughter team of Toya Evans, Lauren Williamson, and Chanel Grant from TLC Hospitality and Healthy Living Ventures as they look to use franchises to build generational wealth. For more information on buying a franchise, go to

"No Justice No Peace - Black Power Versus White Supremacy - George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery"

"If you didn't know it, we are in a war, and white supremacy and racism is our enemy - Jay Jones." Join Jay on today's show as he discusses ways to combat white supremacy and racism, and build up the Black community by focusing on three specific areas of concentration. A must listen.


"Starting His Clothing Line With Now Experience To Successful Designer"

Paul Aarrington has clothed some of the most famous people in the entertainment industry including Will Smith, Ving Rhames (in the movie "The Bridge to Nowhere"), and toured with Russell Simmons Def Comedy Jam and clothed many of the stand-up comedians.

Paul began his fashion career because a coworker jokingly said that his name sounds like a menswear line. Join Jay as he speaks with Paul Aarrington, founder of Paul Aarrington Denim Studio as they discuss his amazing entrepreneurial journey as a top fashion designer and how that joke changed the course of his life. Visit:


"How To Sell Your Product Or Service With A One-Page Website"

Have you run into a roadblock with your ecommerce business? Are you frustrated trying to build these massive ecommerce websites? Are you confused with complicated sales funnels? If you answered yes to any of these questions, today's show is just for you.

Join Jay as he discusses the "1-Page ATM" concept that helps you turn traffic into revenue with a one-page website without building all the complicated and confusing ecommerce websites and sales funnels. A must listen. Register for the "1-Page ATM" training at


"From Intern, To Diddy's VP, To Successful Entrepreneur"

Shawn Prez has seen a lot in the music industry; from starting out as an intern at Bad Boy Records working with notable artists such as Craig Mack, Black Rob, and Biggie to becoming the VP of promotions.

Join Jay as he and Shawn discuss his days working alongside Diddy and what he learned that helped propel him to entrepreneurial success with his marketing firm Power Moves Inc. and the "Global Spin Awards." A Must Listen. Visit


"Beyond Brand - Master Your Power, Joy, And Media To Live Your Legacy"

On today's show, Jay talks with brand strategist, speaker, producer, and author, Ms. Joy Donnell as they discuss her new book, "Beyond Brand - Master Your Power, Joy, and Media To Live Your Legacy." 

Joy breaks down how to keep what you create aligned with who you are becoming to ensure you leave a cultural and entrepreneurial legacy you can live in real-time as well as leave behind. A must listen. Visit:







"The Truth About Making Money Online - The 5 Pillars Of Online Marketing"

There always seems to be mysticism that shrouds online marketing success; from the gurus that talk about their million-dollar launches to the newbie who just made $100 and thinks he or she is a guru in training. Join Jay as he breaks down the truth about making money online to its bare essence and demystifies the process into 5 pillars of online marketing success. A must listen.

If you're interested in a rare one-on-one coaching opportunity with Jay, be one of thefirst10 people to register at 

"Entrepreneur Lessons You Should Have Learned From The Coronavirus"

The coronavirus has made us all reexamine our businesses and taught us numerous lessons in the process. Was your income indestructible, or were you one of the many businesses that have suffered or failed due to the coronavirus pandemic? Join Jay as he discusses 8 lessons entrepreneurs should have learned from the coronavirus. A must listen.

Also, go to to be directed to Jay's new "YouTube Ads 2020" course on Udemy that's only $12.99 and regularly sells for $49.99.

"Stop Living By Default - 7 Questions To Ask Yourself"

Default - (definition) failure to act, inaction or neglect. Have you failed to act on your entrepreneurial dreams? Are you living by default or are you living on purpose? Join Jay as he asks you 7 hard questions to see if you're living by default.

"How To Create Your Dream Position - Don't Wait To Be Validated"

Validation: the action of making or declaring something legally or officially acceptable. Have you ever wanted to be in a position or situation, and you were just waiting for someone to validate you? Join Jay as he discusses how to create your dream position or situation with self-validation. 


"How To Create Indestructible Income"

Indestructible - Incapable of being destroyed, ruined, or rendered ineffective. If you have ever experienced the sudden loss of income due to job loss, unemployment, or catastrophic incidents like coronavirus you need to make sure you tune in to this important episode. Join Jay as he makes sure you're never in this situation again by learning how to create "indestructible income." A must listen.


"How To Create A Year's Worth Of Content In One Day"

We all know that content is king, and in order to sell our products and or services, we need to produce quality content. Sometimes we can get stuck and not know how and where to find content. Join Jay as he gives you a Strategy to create all the content you need.

"How To Effectively Pivot Your Business For Maximum Success"

Join Jay as he interviews dynamic young entrepreneur Mr. Elijah Tyson Founder of "The Grind Tribe" and "Hustle Aesthetic" as they discuss the massive pivot he took in his business to help build a deeper connection with his community by narrowing his client focus and providing more value. Visit for more information.

To learn more about Jay's Ecommerce training program that teaches you how to create passive income from your own ecommerce business, go to


"Ecommerce - The Greatest Wealth Transfer Opportunity In History - What Side Of The Equation Will You Be On"

With or without your knowledge, you are going to be a part of the greatest wealth transfer opportunity in history. Join Jay as he dives deep into the greatest wealth transfer opportunity in history, Ecommerce. In this episode, Jay speaks to the opportunity for the everyday person to participate in this wave of wealth transference and asks the question; "What side of the equation will you be on, the consumer side or the producer side?" 

Also, go to for more information on Jay's transformational 12-week Ecommerce "Brand Builder Academy Elite" program. Be one of the first 10 people to enroll and save $200 off (regular price $397) for a program price of ONLY $197.

Why And How You Need To Build Your Micro Media Company For Massive Profits - Part 2"

If you ever thought about starting your own media company like Essence, The Grio, Bleacher Report, or The Shade Room, make sure you tune in as Jay gives you the steps on "how" to build your own micro media empire. Last week in part 1, Jay discussed "why" you need to build your micro-media business. Learn how to create a platform that can deliver massive wealth and influence from your target audience. Also, if you are interested in building a 6-figure Ecommerce business, go to for more information.


"Why And How You Need To Build Your Own Micro Media Company For MAssive Profits - Part 1"

If you ever thought about starting your own media company like Essence, The Grio, Bleacher Report, or The Shade Room, make sure you tune in as Jay gives you multiple reasons to build your own new media company and create a platform that can deliver massive wealth and influence from your target audience. With the advent of new technology, you literally have the world at your fingertips. Learn how to leverage this opportunity for purpose and profit. 

"The Freedom Equation - How To Control Time And Money"

Many of us count down the days until the weekend so we can finally do what we want to do. Imagine if you had the freedom to do what you wanted to do and not have time and money as a constraint. Join Jay as he discusses the formula that gives you the ability to actually control time and money. Also, if you are looking to create a passive part-time or full-time income by creating your own digital products, register for my live training workshop at


"How To Make $100 A Day Passive Income With Digital Products By Only Spending $5 A Day In Ads"

If you're interested in building a passive income stream with digital products, this is the episode for you. Join Jay as he discusses one of the greatest wealth transfer opportunities in the history of the modern world. Learn how to create a digital product today and create a lifetime of passive income. If you're interested in attending Jay's live training workshop that will help you create and sell your digital product, go to to register. Only 10 spots are available for the February 25th, 2020 training workshop.

"Pushing Through The Pain To Get To Prosperity - 3 Keys To Overcome Failure As An Entrepreneur"

As an entrepreneur, we make a personal decision to blaze our own trail and create our own reality. Sometimes that reality is not what we expect, and we end up giving up on our dream because the journey appears too hard. If you are feeling discouraged or confused about your entrepreneurial journey, this is a must-listen. Join Jay as he shares his 3 keys to overcoming entrepreneurial failure.

"14 Webinar Benefits - How To Build Your Business Using Live And Automated Webinars"

If you ever wanted to automate your lead flow and create a consistent stream of prospective customers for your business; join Jay as he discusses the benefits of using webinars to build and scale your business. A must listen.


"From Corporate America To Successful LuxuryTravel Consultant"

Join Jay as he talks with Showtime Travel founder and CEO Belvin Baldwin as he discusses his transition from corporate America to a successful luxury travel consultant. Visit



"Leveling Up Your Mental Game - 8 Tips To Improve Mental Health For Entrepreneurs"

We all know that entrepreneur success depends on your mental acuity. Join Jay as he gives you several tips to improve your mental game and level up your business.

"BEB Elite Mastermind Opportunity And Escape Velocity - 5 Things To Create Escape Velocity In Your Business"

Join Jay on this special dual episode as he discusses his new "BEB Elite Mastermind" group opportunity and 5 things you can do to create momentum for your business and break out to a new level. This is a must-listen episode. Go to to apply for admittance. 

"Giving Up Good To Go For Great"

Join Jay as he discusses three things that can help you transform your business from a good business to a great business