"How To Market Your Product For Free Using A Product Review Site"

Join Jay as he gives you 7 steps to market your product for free by leveraging revenue from affiliate products that are listed on your review site.

"9 Laws Of Success"

Join us as the legendary Master P gives us 9 laws of success. Master P rose from the projects of New Orleans to build No Limit Records and parlayed that success into a 350-million-dollar enterprise, P Miller Enterprises. Master P has interests in many different industries including movies, television, and just recently the technology space. A must listen.

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"Black Entrepreneurship, Black Economic Empowerment, And The Entertainment Busiess"

Join Jay as he speaks live with Professor Griff; Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member of one of the greatest groups of all time; Public Enemy. Listen as Griff lays it down about the importance of Black entrepreneurship, Black economic empowerment, and how to be successful in the entertainment business and as an entrepreneur. A must listen.

Be The Bank - Stop Borrowing And Start Lending -

5 Steps To Becoming A Private Lender

Join Jay as he gives you 5 steps to become a private lender and shows you how to make money providing short-term loans. A must listen.

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