Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 41 - Natasha Davis - Learn How To Take Your Vision And Transform It Into A Reality

Natasha Davis is a former trauma nurse who had the entrepreneurial bug and started her business "Visionary People" while she was still employed. After getting fired from her nursing job, it was paramount that her company becomes profitable for her to sustain her lifestyle. Natasha shares her highs and lows in her entrepreneurial journey and teaches you how to take your vision and transform it into a reality.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 40 - George Fraser - How To Network Your Way Out Of Corporate America Using Your Employers Money

George Fraser founded FraserNet, Inc some 25 years ago with a vision to lead a global networking movement that increases opportunities for people of African descent. Learn how Mr. Fraser networked his way out of corporate America by using his employers own money. Join us as Mr. Frazer takes us on his extraordinary journey and transition from employee to entrepreneur. This is a must listen if you are interested in making that transition, or if you need to learn how to leverage your contacts.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 39 - Jay Jones - 18 Steps To Creating A Business Around Your Lifestyle

Many entrepreneurs create their business with no regard to the lifestyle that they want. Their main focus is usually on making money, not making a lifestyle. Jay Jones knows all about creating a business that he eventually despised because it consumed all of his time and energy, leaving very little left for his family and the lifestyle he wanted. Join us as Jay gives us 18 Steps To Creating A Business Around Your Lifestyle. This is a must listen for all current and prospective entrepreneurs.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 38 - Jay Jones - Roc-A-Fella Records Founder Damon Dash Discusses Being The Boss On The Breakfast Club Radio Show

Roc-A-Fella records co-founder Damon Dash discusses being the boss on the Breakfast Club radio show. Join us as Black Entrepreneur Blueprint reviews Damon Dash's spirited interview with the Breakfast Club radio show in NYC. Some of Damon's interesting quotes include; "calling somebody boss, is like calling somebody daddy" and "put your own money up and bet on yourself". If you want it broken down to the bare bones, you have to listen to this exciting and informative interview.

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