"Here's What They Think About You - Why Other Ethnicities Think We Are A Joke In Business And In General"

Join Jay as he tackles the serious issue of what other ethnicities think about the Black community. Jay also gives you 5 ways to combat that opinion and empower the community. This is a "MUST" listen and please share with your network.

Is Your "Normal" Conducive For Success - Why You May Need A New "Normal"

Many times we become accustomed to certain things and they become "Normal" to us. Join Jay as he discusses 5 areas where you may need to adjust your "Normal."


"Leveraging Your Own Effort For Profit - 4 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself"

Corporate America is built on leveraging other peoples' effort. Join Jay as he discusses why you should own and profit from your personal effort.

"The Power Of Direct-To-Consumer Sales And Why You Need To Take Advantage Of It Now"

In this new worldwide economy, we are now able to connect directly to prospective customers and cut out the middleman. Join Jay as he discusses the 'why" and "how" your business needs to leverage direct-to-consumer sales for profit and stability.


"The Top 10 Reasons You Can't Sell Your Product Or Service Online"

Many businesses struggle to sell their products or services successfully online because they are missing crucial elements that increase conversion. Join Jay as he discusses 10 reasons why this may be happening to