Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 93 - Jay Jones - Transitioning From Employee To Entrepreneur By Selling Online Without Any Inventory

"Transitioning From Employee To Entrepreneur By Selling Online

Without Any Inventory" 

Many would be entrepreneurs are trying to transition to entrepreneurship by joining the legions of eCommerce sellers. Join us as Jay shows you three business models that do not require the financial burden of purchasing physical inventory, and how you can get started immediately.

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint: 92 - Richelle Shaw - The Million Dollar Equation

"The Million Dollar Equation"

Ms. Richelle Shaw was the first Black women to own a public utility in the United States when she owned a Las Vegas telephone company and grew it from 300K to 36 Million dollars. After the 9/11 tragedy, Ms. Shaw lost her business and had to file bankruptcy. But with grit and determination she rebuilt her company to over 1 million dollars within five months. Join us as Ms. Shaw takes us on her entrepreneurial journey and discusses her book, "The Million Dollar Equation". Learn how to build your million dollar business.

Black Entrepreneur Blueprint 91 - Devin Robinson - Taking Back The Black Hair Care Industry

"Taking Back The Black Hair Care Industry"

The beauty supply industry is a 15 billion dollar industry and 85% of that revenue is generated by Black consumers. We own less than 3% of the beauty supply stores and many of the Black hair care products are not Black owned. Devin Robinson owns several beauty supply stores and has been instrumental in helping to opening over 70 more Black owned beauty supply stores.  Devin founded the Beauty Supply Institute where he teaches Black entrepreneurs how to successfully open and manage beauty their own stores. This is a must listen.

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Black entrepreneur Blueprint: 90 - K. Elle Collier - How To Become An Amazon Best Selling Author

"How To Become An Amazon Best Selling Author"

Ms. K. Elle Collier decided to make the transformation from employee to entrepreneur by leaving her corporate job and following her passion of writing. Join us as K takes us on her journey from corporate employee to best-selling Amazon author. Learn K's formula for selling thousands of self-published books on Amazon and other platforms.

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