"7 Small Scale Manufacturing Businesses You Can Start Without Breaking The Bank"

In order to make a bigger economic impact in our community we need to start manufacturing our own products and controlling the entire vertical. Join Jay as he gives you seven manufacturing businesses you can start without breaking the bank.

"Black Entrepreneurship, Black Economic Empowerment, And         The Entertainment Business"

Join Jay as he speaks live with Professor Griff, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member of one of the greatest groups of all time; Public Enemy. Listen as Griff lays it down about the importance of Black entrepreneurship, Black economic empowerment, and how to be successful in the entertainment business and as an entrepreneur. A must listen.

"The White Supremacist Rally In Charlottesville And 4 Reasons Why This Should Reinforce Black Entrepreneurship"

The recent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville brings to light the reason why we need to start taking control of resources and stop devoting our time, energy, and labor to enrich others. The racist participants in the rally consist of people that hold positions of power in government, law enforcement, and corporate America where most of our income is made. Join Jay as he gives you four reasons why we need our own businesses to combat the unequal playing field and to create an economic power base locally, nationally, and worldwide so we don't have to rely on others who may not have our best interest in mind. A must listen.

"What Does Your Perfect Business Look Like"

Many times, when we start businesses we never take the time to think about what does our perfect business look like? Does your business bring you joy, does it fit around your lifestyle, does it accomplish what it was designed to accomplish? Join Jay as he discusses how to make sure you don't create a business that you can't stand, and how to create the business that is designed perfectly for you. A must listen.