"7 Tips For Entrepreneurial Success In 2021"

Join me on today's podcast episode # 333 where I give you 7 tips to level up your business in 2021. Visit


"Black On Black Commerce Not Black On Black Crime"

Join me on today's podcast as I discuss the importance of Black On Black commerce and how it can positively affect our community by creating more jobs. That economic power base can create more Black-owned businesses that can hire more of our own people and provide employment opportunities for our community and help change the false narrative of Black on Black crime. Visit


"How To Build Your Brand With Influencer Marketing"

Join me on today's podcast episode # 331 as I speak with influencer marketing professional Taylor Jones as we discuss how to build your brand and make money using influencer marketing. Email for more information

"Turning A Hobby Into A Million Dollar Business"

Join me on today’s Black Entrepreneur Blueprint episode # 330 as I speak with the co-founder of Hella Cocktail Mr. Jomaree Pinkard as we discuss how he turned his hobby of mixing drinks into a million-dollar business. Visit:



"How To Use Quizzes To Quickly Build Your Database And Drive Traffic To Your Offers"

"Also The Rebranding and Rebooting Of Black Entrepreneur Blueprint Academy"

Join me on today's Black Entrepreneur Blueprint podcast episode # 329 as I discuss how to use quizzes as a lead magnet to quickly and easily build your database and drive traffic to your offers.

Also, make sure you check out the quiz training in the newly updated and rebooted Black Entrepreneur Blueprint Academy at GET 5 DAYS FREE ACCESS