Join me on today’s Black Entrepreneur Blueprint podcast episode # 350 as I speak with Ms. Tiffany Cartwright the founder of Amarra Naturals and G.L.A.M. Body Scrubs. Tiffany discusses her amazing entrepreneurial journey as she used a homemade remedy to clear her daughter’s eczema that helped her rebound after losing her job, home, and car and build a multi-million-dollar business. Visit


Are you making enough sales in your business? Do you need to increase your revenues? If you answered yes to any of those questions, join Jay on today's Black Entrepreneur Blueprint podcast episode # 349 as he gives you five simple tips you can implement today to increase your sales. Visit


Join Jay on today's Black Entrepreneur Blueprint podcast episode # 348 as he speaks with Christal Jackson, founder of Mosaic Genius and Head and Heart Philanthropy - social impact agencies focussed on improving social, economic, and educational outcomes for communities of color. Visit


Join Jay on today's Black Entrepreneur Blueprint episode # 347 as he discusses another major mindset shift that can be the difference between success and failure in your business. Jay delves into the importance of thinking like a media company versus just selling a product or service, and how having that media company mindset allows you to control the vertical from production all the way to distribution.

Join Jay on today's show as he discusses 7 mindset shifts that you have to make to become a successful entrepreneur. Jay goes into detail as some of these mindset shifts may seem counterintuitive, but are necessary for success. Visit