"Entrepreneur Lessons You Should Have Learned From The Coronavirus"

The coronavirus has made us all reexamine our businesses and taught us numerous lessons in the process. Was your income indestructible, or were you one of the many businesses that have suffered or failed due to the coronavirus pandemic? Join Jay as he discusses 8 lessons entrepreneurs should have learned from the coronavirus. A must listen.

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"Stop Living By Default - 7 Questions To Ask Yourself"

Default - (definition) failure to act, inaction or neglect. Have you failed to act on your entrepreneurial dreams? Are you living by default or are you living on purpose? Join Jay as he asks you 7 hard questions to see if you're living by default.

"How To Create Your Dream Position - Don't Wait To Be Validated"

Validation: the action of making or declaring something legally or officially acceptable. Have you ever wanted to be in a position or situation, and you were just waiting for someone to validate you? Join Jay as he discusses how to create your dream position or situation with self-validation. 


"How To Create Indestructible Income"

Indestructible - Incapable of being destroyed, ruined, or rendered ineffective. If you have ever experienced the sudden loss of income due to job loss, unemployment, or catastrophic incidents like coronavirus you need to make sure you tune in to this important episode. Join Jay as he makes sure you're never in this situation again by learning how to create "indestructible income." A must listen.