"Leveraging Your Job To Finance Your Business"

Raeshelle Cooke is young, award winning independent filmmaker that uses her full-time job to finance her films. Join us as Raeshelle shares her dynamic entrepreneurial journey and how she is methodically leveraging her job to leave corporate America in the next few years. A must listen.

"Becoming Comfortable Being Uncomfortable - 3 Keys For Success For New Entrepreneurs"

The transition from employee to entrepreneur can be very stressful and uncomfortable. Join Jay as he gives you three keys to navigate the transition successfully. A must listen.

"5 Holiday Businesses You Can Start Today For Under $200"

As the holiday season approaches, many consumers are prepared to spend hundreds, and even thousands of dollars on gifts. Why not take advantage of the buying frenzy now and start a business? Join Jay as he gives you 5 businesses you can start today for under $200.

"Understanding Your Why And The Transformation Of Your Why"

As entrepreneurs and prospective entrepreneurs, we know what the "why" is; but do you know that your "why" will probably transform? Join Jay as he discusses this phenomenon. A must listen.

"How To Build A Subscriber List Of Over 900 People In 7 Days For A New Product Launch - 7 Easy Steps"

Are you interested in launching a new product? Do you want to capitalize on the holiday buying frenzy? Join Jay as he gives you the 7 easy steps he used to get over 900 new subscribers for his launch in 7 days. A must listen.