"How To Sell Your Product Or Service With A One-Page Website"

Have you run into a roadblock with your ecommerce business? Are you frustrated trying to build these massive ecommerce websites? Are you confused with complicated sales funnels? If you answered yes to any of these questions, today's show is just for you.

Join Jay as he discusses the "1-Page ATM" concept that helps you turn traffic into revenue with a one-page website without building all the complicated and confusing ecommerce websites and sales funnels. A must listen. Register for the "1-Page ATM" training at


"From Intern, To Diddy's VP, To Successful Entrepreneur"

Shawn Prez has seen a lot in the music industry; from starting out as an intern at Bad Boy Records working with notable artists such as Craig Mack, Black Rob, and Biggie to becoming the VP of promotions.

Join Jay as he and Shawn discuss his days working alongside Diddy and what he learned that helped propel him to entrepreneurial success with his marketing firm Power Moves Inc. and the "Global Spin Awards." A Must Listen. Visit


"Beyond Brand - Master Your Power, Joy, And Media To Live Your Legacy"

On today's show, Jay talks with brand strategist, speaker, producer, and author, Ms. Joy Donnell as they discuss her new book, "Beyond Brand - Master Your Power, Joy, and Media To Live Your Legacy." 

Joy breaks down how to keep what you create aligned with who you are becoming to ensure you leave a cultural and entrepreneurial legacy you can live in real-time as well as leave behind. A must listen. Visit:







"The Truth About Making Money Online - The 5 Pillars Of Online Marketing"

There always seems to be mysticism that shrouds online marketing success; from the gurus that talk about their million-dollar launches to the newbie who just made $100 and thinks he or she is a guru in training. Join Jay as he breaks down the truth about making money online to its bare essence and demystifies the process into 5 pillars of online marketing success. A must listen.

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