"12 Steps To A Prosperous 2018 - Holding Yourself Accountable"

As the new year approaches, Jay gives you 12 actionable steps that he uses to achieve his yearly goals for his businesses, and to be more productive. 

"Leaving A Six Figure Job To Follow Your Passion"

Carla Christine was making over six figures per year as an engineer for the government. Due to the stress and demands of her job she began to seek solutions to improve her wellbeing. Carla found that yoga improved her physical, as well as her mental wellbeing and she was hooked. Join us as Carla takes us through her entrepreneurial journey and how she turned her passion for yoga into a profitable location independent business.

"How To Sell Wholesale To Other Retailers And Create Your Own Distributor Network"

Join Jay as he gives you five steps to start selling your product wholesale to other retailers and create your own profitable distributor network. A must listen.

"4 Steps To Create An Ecommerce Portfolio Business"

Ecommerce is continuing to explode worldwide, and now is the time to stake your claim in the new world economy. Join Jay as he gives you four steps to creating an Ecommerce portfolio for long-term success and less risk than a single ecommerce website or just selling on Amazon. A must listen.