"7 Steps To Creating Your "Sweet Spot" In Life And Business"

Many of us continue to live a life where we are unhappy with our current situation because we have allowed other factors to dictate our lifestyle. Join Jay as gives you seven steps to create your ideal "sweet spot" in life and in business. A must listen!

"The Art Of Looking Deeper: How To Increase Control & Profits Of Your Physical Products Business"

Many times we fail to see the full opportunity in our physical products business because we do not look deep enough into the entire process from manufacturing your own products. to selling your product to the end user. Join Jay as he gives you several steps that will enlighten you and make you start to look deeper into your entire process. A must listen if you sell physical products.

"How To Come Up With Product Ideas"

Are you interested in starting a product based business? Are you having trouble finding the right product to sell? If so, join Jay as he gives you his process for finding successful products to sell. A must listen if you are looking to sell physical products.

"7 Lessons I Learned From Failing In Business"

Any successful entrepreneur knows that your road to success is not a smooth journey. Join Jay as he discusses 7 lessons he's learned from failing multiple times in business and why those failures actually helped him become successful.

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