"The Freedom Equation - How To Control Time And Money"

Many of us count down the days until the weekend so we can finally do what we want to do. Imagine if you had the freedom to do what you wanted to do and not have time and money as a constraint. Join Jay as he discusses the formula that gives you the ability to actually control time and money. Also, if you are looking to create a passive part-time or full-time income by creating your own digital products, register for my live training workshop at


"How To Make $100 A Day Passive Income With Digital Products By Only Spending $5 A Day In Ads"

If you're interested in building a passive income stream with digital products, this is the episode for you. Join Jay as he discusses one of the greatest wealth transfer opportunities in the history of the modern world. Learn how to create a digital product today and create a lifetime of passive income. If you're interested in attending Jay's live training workshop that will help you create and sell your digital product, go to to register. Only 10 spots are available for the February 25th, 2020 training workshop.

"Pushing Through The Pain To Get To Prosperity - 3 Keys To Overcome Failure As An Entrepreneur"

As an entrepreneur, we make a personal decision to blaze our own trail and create our own reality. Sometimes that reality is not what we expect, and we end up giving up on our dream because the journey appears too hard. If you are feeling discouraged or confused about your entrepreneurial journey, this is a must-listen. Join Jay as he shares his 3 keys to overcoming entrepreneurial failure.

"14 Webinar Benefits - How To Build Your Business Using Live And Automated Webinars"

If you ever wanted to automate your lead flow and create a consistent stream of prospective customers for your business; join Jay as he discusses the benefits of using webinars to build and scale your business. A must listen.